“Ice creams” – Watercolors.

It is so hot outside. A cone of Chunky Monkey or a cup of froyo would be awesome right now.

Working in series

It was a request from a dear friend that I started my first series of paintings. The theme was, well… you guessed it, lips (Duh, Captain Obvious!)

I was told that what differentiate between the artists and the hobbyists is an artist usually works in a series of artworks (i.e painting/ drawing/ sculpture) based on a theme or a subject matter because it’s not a matter of skill, but gallery owners are much more receptive to represent an artist with ten related works, rather than artist with fifty pieces in all different mediums, styles, and subject matter.. (*ahem.. I have one* oh wait.. I am actually the latter. Booo.)

I had fun working on this set of paintings as it gave me the flexibility in choosing the colors, technics and the presentations I want and I love how it turned out. I definitely will be repeating this process and this theme and perhaps in a much bigger size.

“Bite me” – Marker rendering on a standard art block paper“Good enough to eat” –  Marker rendering on a standard art block paper“RockNRoll” – Marker rendering on a standard art block paperThe luscious lips – Watercolors on 300gsm acid-free grain paper
These two “Splashes of colors on lips” series were  produced with watercolor on a 2’x1′ acid-free grain paper and were the first artworks I sold after I started painting last year. Yeay me!

Anyway, some of these artworks are available for canvas printing in my instacanvas gallery.
Click on the image to go directly.
(Noticed only some image are clickable? That is because only the clickable ones are available for printing and it applies in all postings that contain my artworks)
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