A self reminder – Until my work is as good as my ambition.

Pretty Petals

Since I’m in the right mind and mood to blog, might as well I posted something here before the feeling pass on to other things like blog hop or streaming bunch of series online. And God knows when I’ll get back to posting anything good in here. Not that this will be amazing but hey…. I’m here, alive and kicking and I’m sharing something. All is good.

I am currently on my replacement leaves after 10 days of working nonstop. Yup. I was working through the last weekend and I dont usually like to take the replacement leaves immediately. I like to keep it for longer holidays because I like my days to be well planned, but I’m too knackered. So here I am at home and contemplating if I should go to Mom’s for a free meal or not.

And before I decide on anything, I’m sharing this. These were done with watercolor pencils and I’ve posted it before. I’ve finally scanned these and made a few enhancement digitally to brighten up the colors. So here are better, clearer pictures of my “Pretty Petals”. (Oh hey… something that’s finished. Good job, girl!) hehe Thanks.

Iris copy

Pretty Petals – Iris. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper and digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

lily copy

Pretty Petals – Lily. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

Ok decided. I’m heading to Mom’s for the free lunch. I don’t know why I took too long to decide. It’s like the easiest decision y estoy siendo estúpido. Tsk tsk.

Bye, love.

New Prints

Oh wow.. how long was I not here? Too long? Yeah. That seems like the right specific amount of time that I have not been updating anything in here. hehehe

So to commemorate my return to the world’s wonder of blogging (really? no, not really), here are some prints that I’m planning to put it out there. In case whoever is interested to get the prints, email me at bahijah[at] I’ll fill in the details of these prints there.

These are digital illustrations of my ‘skyscrapers and buildings’ series. I do plan to have more towers, building and monuments in this series. Started this series on 2nd April 2014, so this will definitely be a growing series. Why digital illustration? Because I’m still working (yeah……) and having a very limited time and space (yup, still in the same living arrangement since I started this blog) only gives me the option to do elaborate artworks through the digital media. It’s fuss free and still gives me the platform for my creative ideas to flow through.

Cheers. Print Print PrintTill the next update, please don’t hold your breath and drink more water. Lots of love. Me.

Sketching it up to date

I splurged on watercolor pencils and I went crazy with it.image image image image image image imageimage imageimage image image

What’s in your notebook?

The ongoing obsession for pattern drawings and lines.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.13.00 PM IMG_1998 IMG_1995 IMG_1992 IMG_1991 IMG_1990 IMG_2316 IMG_1999 IMG_3323 Random3

A Sketch A Day Project Continues

Still working on it but I hardly manage to keep up with the promise of one sketch per day since it has been a crazy month with a lot of things going on at the office. This kind of arrangement will continue on to March with 2 events to look forward to (Ahem.. and my birthday of course).

Other than that, as you can see, I’m putting more effort in my little sketches by bringing in some colors to it and actually finishing it till the very end. Yupe! No more halfway projects and it wont be a sketch a day challenge any more since I made a pact to myself that I have to finish  the one that I’m working on before moving on to a new sketch. Oh well yeah..I guess it wont be sketches any more too. Instead it’ll be finished drawings. But..


So picking up from where we left off





Better? Well slowly but definitely.

2012 Sketches


Some of my random sketches I did back in the year of the dragon ( that’s last year if you’re not familiar with the Chinese’s calendar. This year is snake.). Mostly were done using pens and watercolors in a blank A5 sized notebook.  Just thought of sharing it in here as part of showing my progress and maybe a little wishful thinking that I might have grown out of my comfort zone from my very first try to today… even if it is only a little bit.


A Sketch A Day : Day 12, 13, 14 and 15

Day 12 – 3 different expressions of a bald girl.


 Day 13Cinta hati. I thought of giving it a try, drawing someone that I know personally instead of images of random people. The result turned out quite sucky because I kept over thinking every little detail that I thought I knew by heart. Like the positions of his eyes when he squinted, the rows of his teeth when he smiles and so on. So the line become too thick and it was just messy because I kept erasing and redrawing those lines over and over again. hmm.. Oh well.. better luck next time.


Day 14 – Focusing on hair because I’m bad at it. I dont have that much patience so I always end up halfway. But then again, I should explore other way of drawing hair instead of focusing on every strand. Well, obviously this kind of thing requires experience and I’m still lacking in that department.


Day 15 – More hair, more frustration and a work half done. Spot coffee stains on the paper from my breakfast that I had at the office infront of the PC. Deliberately did that. Thought it added more edge to the sketch. hehehe


This last picture was a request by a friend on Day 15th. Decided to add some watercolours in since I havent touch any in the last couple of months. Even the paper used was from a silver-ish glittery card stock (you can see the sparkles of the paper at the right corner of the image). Wanted to see the effect of pencil on a card stock which made the blending much smoother but the watercolours didn’t really mix well with the card stock. So after some times, the color will fade out and is easily scratched out. I guess due to the shiny and smooth texture of the card stock.

Point is, always coat it with a layer of varnish (or whatever sealer on the market) on all the works done. It is to lock the colors of the artworks in place. Yeah.. Yeah… Only with experience and constant search of knowledge that one would know. hey.. I’m working on it.


It is said that a cost effective color locking technique (or some people called it sealing) is by using a hair spray to coat your work. I dont know about it being cost effective though because my hair spray is expensive! But if you dont have anything else and you happen to have a hair spray laying around (I did!), worth to give it a try. I gave it a try on an artwork that I did using oil pastels on a cotton+ synthetic canvas and it worked just fine. It gives out a matte look as compared to a varnish (shiny) sealer. I dreaded using varnish because it spoils my brushes and I’ve yet to find the best way to clean the varnish out of those effected brushes. So every time I did it, I parted with one brush *sigh* (luckily they were inexpensive brushes). Oh a spray mount works well as a sealer too, but I havent try it so I cant vouch for that.

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