Pretty Petals

Since I’m in the right mind and mood to blog, might as well I posted something here before the feeling pass on to other things like blog hop or streaming bunch of series online. And God knows when I’ll get back to posting anything good in here. Not that this will be amazing but hey…. I’m here, alive and kicking and I’m sharing something. All is good.

I am currently on my replacement leaves after 10 days of working nonstop. Yup. I was working through the last weekend and I dont usually like to take the replacement leaves immediately. I like to keep it for longer holidays because I like my days to be well planned, but I’m too knackered. So here I am at home and contemplating if I should go to Mom’s for a free meal or not.

And before I decide on anything, I’m sharing this. These were done with watercolor pencils and I’ve posted it before. I’ve finally scanned these and made a few enhancement digitally to brighten up the colors. So here are better, clearer pictures of my “Pretty Petals”. (Oh hey… something that’s finished. Good job, girl!) hehe Thanks.

Iris copy

Pretty Petals – Iris. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper and digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

lily copy

Pretty Petals – Lily. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

Ok decided. I’m heading to Mom’s for the free lunch. I don’t know why I took too long to decide. It’s like the easiest decision y estoy siendo estúpido. Tsk tsk.

Bye, love.

Still Alive and Kicking

I haven’t been abandoning this ship yet. Not that I’m planning to, dont worry. Anyway here are the sketches I did since my last update.

5610755cbecf11e2aeed22000a9f13be_706cbb5f4c2cd11e29cc822000a1f96e3_7bd2abb72c8d311e2a07e22000a1f9a28_79c1ce726d1b011e2b55122000a1f9be7_7 736a8eb0d33f11e2a46122000a9f09e2_7 04dc1f70d30f11e287f422000a1f9afa_7db1d395edcd111e2a77f22000a9e29a0_7 5a1387e4de3611e2a2ce22000a1fa411_763d99c7ee00111e2a96422000a1fbc12_7 8c83b4f8e32011e2ac5122000a9f14f8_7

Told you I haven’t fall off the wagon. I am a firm believer of  “practice makes perfect”.

Ok that’s it. I dont have anything to talk about right now. I’m not really in the mood of sharing lately. I’m partly hormonal and partly emotional most of the time. But that is just me being a girl.

May you have an awesome day. Cheers.

Colors and water

Skins“Passion” – Watercolor on a standard art block paper (January 2012)

I started revisiting my love for watercolors soon after I started drawing again in late 2011 and like years before, I fell immediately in love with the medium. I find it is easier to manipulate colors just by changing the content of waters (Duh. Water-colors, get it?) as compared to using other color pigments such as acrylic and oil. It is also much much much much less messier to clean after.

Yes, it is indeed a child’s play.

watercolor palette

But I needed something to start and jumping straight into acrylic or oil or pastel is way too intimidating for me. But I needed more action other than pens and pencils. So watercolor was (in my mind) the safest, cheapest option. Oh, dont get me started with the tools and canvas. So yes, it was the right move since all I need is the right papers.

At first, I used colors in pans but changed to tubes soon after I found out that I can get better consistency with colors from the tubes. No doubt using pan is much more mobile. But in my case, if I want something more mobile, I settled by putting some small amount of colors from the tubes in my portable palette and bring it to almost everywhere I go. Just add water when I want to use it. Easy peasy. Toolstools2

I do hope that I’ll be more courageous to try other medium as well, but for now, I’ll focus on watercolor first. I’m taking my sweet time experimenting on all medias and changing my subject of interests. I’ve yet to find a style and image of my own but that’s the beauty of it, with art, anything is possible

Watercolor trees“Mindless Trees” – Watercolors and pencil colors on a standard art block paper. (May 2012)Watercolor horse

“A wild horse” – color studies by using the work of Laurie Justus Pace for reference and practice.

Passion Full

“Passion” – Watercolor on a standard art block paper (January 2012)

girl with flower

“Roses in hair” – Watercolor and pencil on a standard art block paper (January 2012)

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