Mixing Elements

Have had this post safely tucked in the draft for good 2 days with just the images and no words. I seriously dont know what to talk about. I am fresh out of idea and have not been on the sketching mode for the whole 3 days. Yeah, I missed 3 days of my ‘A Sketch A Day‘ project just because I’m “busy”. Well in a way, I kinda am. So I’ll do a walk-through of my process for this particular piece instead of disecting the idea behind the piece itself because well… I’m very occupied as I am rushing to finish my part of a tender before I jet off.


A couple of months ago I figured I had time on my hands to finally transfer one of my patterns/doodles that I have been religiously penned on my notebook to a bigger space and I did it. I used black Sharpie on an A3 300gsm grain watercolor paper.


Weeks later, I got a little crafty by adding in gold cut-out collages in the shape of little triangles on the empty space to create some kind of dimension to the gold element as it hits the lights from different angles. I dont know if I explained it right. Oh you should see it in person.



The image is a little blurry but just so you know, I’ll be framing this with a 2 inches lacquared black frame.

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