Pretty Petals

Since I’m in the right mind and mood to blog, might as well I posted something here before the feeling pass on to other things like blog hop or streaming bunch of series online. And God knows when I’ll get back to posting anything good in here. Not that this will be amazing but hey…. I’m here, alive and kicking and I’m sharing something. All is good.

I am currently on my replacement leaves after 10 days of working nonstop. Yup. I was working through the last weekend and I dont usually like to take the replacement leaves immediately. I like to keep it for longer holidays because I like my days to be well planned, but I’m too knackered. So here I am at home and contemplating if I should go to Mom’s for a free meal or not.

And before I decide on anything, I’m sharing this. These were done with watercolor pencils and I’ve posted it before. I’ve finally scanned these and made a few enhancement digitally to brighten up the colors. So here are better, clearer pictures of my “Pretty Petals”. (Oh hey… something that’s finished. Good job, girl!) hehe Thanks.

Iris copy

Pretty Petals – Iris. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper and digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

lily copy

Pretty Petals – Lily. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

Ok decided. I’m heading to Mom’s for the free lunch. I don’t know why I took too long to decide. It’s like the easiest decision y estoy siendo estúpido. Tsk tsk.

Bye, love.

Mixing Elements

Have had this post safely tucked in the draft for good 2 days with just the images and no words. I seriously dont know what to talk about. I am fresh out of idea and have not been on the sketching mode for the whole 3 days. Yeah, I missed 3 days of my ‘A Sketch A Day‘ project just because I’m “busy”. Well in a way, I kinda am. So I’ll do a walk-through of my process for this particular piece instead of disecting the idea behind the piece itself because well… I’m very occupied as I am rushing to finish my part of a tender before I jet off.


A couple of months ago I figured I had time on my hands to finally transfer one of my patterns/doodles that I have been religiously penned on my notebook to a bigger space and I did it. I used black Sharpie on an A3 300gsm grain watercolor paper.


Weeks later, I got a little crafty by adding in gold cut-out collages in the shape of little triangles on the empty space to create some kind of dimension to the gold element as it hits the lights from different angles. I dont know if I explained it right. Oh you should see it in person.



The image is a little blurry but just so you know, I’ll be framing this with a 2 inches lacquared black frame.

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