The Hot and Cold Project

It has been a hot and cold project indeed if you count the times I was super excited to start the project, getting all inspired one second to being a plain whiny-miserable-almost-at-the-brink-of-giving-up the next second (happens the moment it didn’t go the way I thought it would. Usually during the first stage of production. Tsk Tsk. Princess.) and back to being happy (hours after sleeping the misery off) when the colors and everything finally blending it well together. I get easily distracted and overwhelmed by large canvases (It’s the glass-half-empty thing.).

Here are some sneak peeks of me trying to conquer my mountain. Ok, not mountain.. more like a hill. It’s not that huge but enough to filled up my small space at the corner of our bedroom for a whole weekend.

This artwork is part of a house art project I’m working on, but thinking I might as well start a series out of this using the same method and start contacting galleries if they’re interested to showcase my humble works (Awww you’re so hopeful, it’s cute.). We’ll see.

Oil Pastel on 2 pieces of 2.5’x2′ Synthetic mixed Cotton Canvas. The idea came from the paddy hillside topography and the elements of fire and water (hot and cold, geddit?). Thanks to Cinta Hati for getting me hooked on Human Planet. It got me all worked up and inspired by the images shown in there.

IMG_2956 IMG_2986 IMG_2988IMG_2980

Well of course I’m not done yet.

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