Pretty Petals

Since I’m in the right mind and mood to blog, might as well I posted something here before the feeling pass on to other things like blog hop or streaming bunch of series online. And God knows when I’ll get back to posting anything good in here. Not that this will be amazing but hey…. I’m here, alive and kicking and I’m sharing something. All is good.

I am currently on my replacement leaves after 10 days of working nonstop. Yup. I was working through the last weekend and I dont usually like to take the replacement leaves immediately. I like to keep it for longer holidays because I like my days to be well planned, but I’m too knackered. So here I am at home and contemplating if I should go to Mom’s for a free meal or not.

And before I decide on anything, I’m sharing this. These were done with watercolor pencils and I’ve posted it before. I’ve finally scanned these and made a few enhancement digitally to brighten up the colors. So here are better, clearer pictures of my “Pretty Petals”. (Oh hey… something that’s finished. Good job, girl!) hehe Thanks.

Iris copy

Pretty Petals – Iris. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper and digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

lily copy

Pretty Petals – Lily. Watercolor pencils on Glitter Card stock paper digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop CS6

Ok decided. I’m heading to Mom’s for the free lunch. I don’t know why I took too long to decide. It’s like the easiest decision y estoy siendo estúpido. Tsk tsk.

Bye, love.

New Prints

Oh wow.. how long was I not here? Too long? Yeah. That seems like the right specific amount of time that I have not been updating anything in here. hehehe

So to commemorate my return to the world’s wonder of blogging (really? no, not really), here are some prints that I’m planning to put it out there. In case whoever is interested to get the prints, email me at bahijah[at] I’ll fill in the details of these prints there.

These are digital illustrations of my ‘skyscrapers and buildings’ series. I do plan to have more towers, building and monuments in this series. Started this series on 2nd April 2014, so this will definitely be a growing series. Why digital illustration? Because I’m still working (yeah……) and having a very limited time and space (yup, still in the same living arrangement since I started this blog) only gives me the option to do elaborate artworks through the digital media. It’s fuss free and still gives me the platform for my creative ideas to flow through.

Cheers. Print Print PrintTill the next update, please don’t hold your breath and drink more water. Lots of love. Me.


“Ice creams” – Watercolors.

It is so hot outside. A cone of Chunky Monkey or a cup of froyo would be awesome right now.

Working in series

It was a request from a dear friend that I started my first series of paintings. The theme was, well… you guessed it, lips (Duh, Captain Obvious!)

I was told that what differentiate between the artists and the hobbyists is an artist usually works in a series of artworks (i.e painting/ drawing/ sculpture) based on a theme or a subject matter because it’s not a matter of skill, but gallery owners are much more receptive to represent an artist with ten related works, rather than artist with fifty pieces in all different mediums, styles, and subject matter.. (*ahem.. I have one* oh wait.. I am actually the latter. Booo.)

I had fun working on this set of paintings as it gave me the flexibility in choosing the colors, technics and the presentations I want and I love how it turned out. I definitely will be repeating this process and this theme and perhaps in a much bigger size.

“Bite me” – Marker rendering on a standard art block paper“Good enough to eat” –  Marker rendering on a standard art block paper“RockNRoll” – Marker rendering on a standard art block paperThe luscious lips – Watercolors on 300gsm acid-free grain paper
These two “Splashes of colors on lips” series were  produced with watercolor on a 2’x1′ acid-free grain paper and were the first artworks I sold after I started painting last year. Yeay me!

Anyway, some of these artworks are available for canvas printing in my instacanvas gallery.
Click on the image to go directly.
(Noticed only some image are clickable? That is because only the clickable ones are available for printing and it applies in all postings that contain my artworks)

Colors and water

Skins“Passion” – Watercolor on a standard art block paper (January 2012)

I started revisiting my love for watercolors soon after I started drawing again in late 2011 and like years before, I fell immediately in love with the medium. I find it is easier to manipulate colors just by changing the content of waters (Duh. Water-colors, get it?) as compared to using other color pigments such as acrylic and oil. It is also much much much much less messier to clean after.

Yes, it is indeed a child’s play.

watercolor palette

But I needed something to start and jumping straight into acrylic or oil or pastel is way too intimidating for me. But I needed more action other than pens and pencils. So watercolor was (in my mind) the safest, cheapest option. Oh, dont get me started with the tools and canvas. So yes, it was the right move since all I need is the right papers.

At first, I used colors in pans but changed to tubes soon after I found out that I can get better consistency with colors from the tubes. No doubt using pan is much more mobile. But in my case, if I want something more mobile, I settled by putting some small amount of colors from the tubes in my portable palette and bring it to almost everywhere I go. Just add water when I want to use it. Easy peasy. Toolstools2

I do hope that I’ll be more courageous to try other medium as well, but for now, I’ll focus on watercolor first. I’m taking my sweet time experimenting on all medias and changing my subject of interests. I’ve yet to find a style and image of my own but that’s the beauty of it, with art, anything is possible

Watercolor trees“Mindless Trees” – Watercolors and pencil colors on a standard art block paper. (May 2012)Watercolor horse

“A wild horse” – color studies by using the work of Laurie Justus Pace for reference and practice.

Passion Full

“Passion” – Watercolor on a standard art block paper (January 2012)

girl with flower

“Roses in hair” – Watercolor and pencil on a standard art block paper (January 2012)

Rebooting part dos

I’m changing direction for this blog of mine. Since from the begining I’ve talked about changes and to my husband (Husband. Can you imagine that? I’m married. OK I shall talk about it later…maybe in the next post), I am known for my fickleness with my ever changing mood and decision and plus life is all about moving and well.. changing. It is only right that I talk about it here. So here I am, wanting to talk about what I have been doing and planning to do.. which is… painting! Yupe.

I’ve always love painting and drawing and I love colours. But I know I am not a good painter and nowhere near in producing a great work of art anytime soon. So this space shall be where I will talk about my quest in perfecting what I love doing and sharing anything that gravitate around it.

I started small right after I got married in July 2011 (Yes.. I am finally married – 10 months ago). I started off with doodling in markers and pen on scrap papers between working hours and idle time at home. I went crazy at the stationary shops and bought bunch of colored pens and markers. I even went crazy again when I found out that Sharpies are now available in pastel colors and stocked up every single color I can find, even in silver and the twin tipped ones. Somehow, these little things are the one that makes me happy and occupied. This love for colors that somehow makes my boring working life bearable. An activity I look forward to almost every day now.

Here are some of my early trial-runs with colors. Please dont judge too harshly (eepp!) but I do take and encourage feedbacks in any form as long as it is for the sake of making things better.

City of OwlsPeacock3Peacock4Peacock2Peacock5Dress3Random2Random3Girl2Girl1Girl3Girl4

The pictures here might look alot better than the originals since I took these images using Instagram (follow me! @bahijah). I usually update my recent work there. But a blog is always a good idea for a bigger space to talk about it and possibly with better, clearer image. Wish me luck.

This is just another plan though. It might change.. again.

-Millions of X’s and O’s

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