Dumb Ways to Die

I am currently in the midst of completing my Digital Marketing program from Udacity and one of the projects I need to do is to choose a successful or creative marketing campaign that I love and blog about it. Coming up for a topic for this is easy because I have always been a fan of the creative works and ideas behind an advertising/marketing campaign. What works and what doesn’t. It’s one of the many many topics that always came up in conversations with the dear darling since he’s in advertising and I studied advertising/media innovation at school.

So one of my favorite successful campaigns is the Dumb Ways to Die campaign. It was an Australian public service announcement campaign created by Metro Trains Melbourne.

maxresdefaultImage from Google

It was created to promote rail safety and the campaign video went viral through sharing on social media on November 2012 with currently  being viewed at 152,182,616 times.  The campaign was devised by McCann Melbourne to tackle the issue of safety for the Metro’s commuters and so they came up with an entertaining and catchy music video featuring animated creatures who die in comically unintelligent ways, before finally highlighting that due to train predictability, accidental death due to contact with trains is quite possibly the dumbest way of all.

The reason why I think that this campaign worth the shout out is because it was a truly engaging campaign and the creative ways they used to re-purpose their content resources to create more assets to the campaign itself. After the successful launch of the mucis video, McCann Melbourne went on to generate more content including GIFs and a downloadable song on iTunes. The campaign even got featured on Reddit’s front page and free downloadable game for mobile and children book soon followed. Not only that, a website was built so people can take a pledge not to do dumb things around trains. Supporting posters and karaoke versions at the stations bolstered the campaign and international radio stations picked up the song and broadcast it to its listeners.

It’s 2017 now. Five years since the campaign first launched on YouTube and it still lives on with no sign of fading away with more content generated by viewers themselves in a form of parody and spoofs. This is definitely one of the best campaign I ever encountered even though I live 4000 miles away. And thanks to the worldwide wonder of the internet, I’ll be sure I mind my steps the next time I’m at the train station.

Definitely didn’t want to end up with the Darwin Award at the pearly gate, do we? So don’t be dumb and watch the video.

We’re one

Our little bubble turned 1 year old last Friday the 25th. Which means we turned one year old as parents too. The days do feel long but the year feels oh so so short.

Happy birthday, boo.  May you grow up to be a sensible and respectable young lady. We wish nothing more but only the best for you.

Medina 1 year.jpg

We love you to infinity and beyond.

Mommy & Daddy

A Date With The City


It was a perfect birthday. Thanks to the husband.

Of being MIA

I just installed wordpress for iPad. I guess there are no reasons or excuses for me not to update anything. But my life is pretty much a boring one. Spent the weekdays at work and I have been very much occupied with my job that by the time my bum reaches home, I would usually take an early dinner and go off to sleep before the time clocks in at 11pm. Weekends were pretty much spent hanging around town with Mr Fiance or at home sleeping. I guess that’s life for a 26 years old Malay girl to you. Trust me, I would love to have something clever to post in here or something extraordinary to share, but truth is, I have nothing.

How’s the wedding preparation, you asked? Well I get that alot from people who knew that I’m now engaged to be married in well… less than 7 months. I think I just going to let this one out of my chest.

I am dreading the thought of getting married. Not the part getting married to Mr Fiance because that is the only thing I am totally certain about, but it is the part about planning for the ceremony itself. Girlfriends told me that I overthinking it and I do believe that I am. Especially the fact that I am nowhere near ready financially. Hence to this is the reason my wedding planning havent really been set in motion. Or maybe I use it as just another excuse for being lazy. You see, I have been having this monologue over in my head for the hundredth time and being in limbo about how I feel regarding this matter wasnt fun either. On somedays, I cant wait to start planning, looking for locations, reading wedding blogs and so on… but on other days, I just cant give a hoot about it. So yes, I do get really annoyed when people asked me “So, how is your wedding preparation going so far?”

Does this happens to all the brides to be?


Oh, I’m typing using my iPad and it is awesome. 😀

Of an update of a worry

Visited a doctor and she did the usual check-up. *breathes in and releases a huge sigh* Well.. nothing alarming but I am needed for a follow up next month. Just to be sure. Relief? Well of course. No one can be too sure about this kind of things and me, being the ultimate worry wart will definitely think of the worst. Go figure.


Of good news and worries

I got engaged two weeks ago and last  night, I found a lump on my left breast while I was doing a self-check. I’m wishing hard for it to be nothing to worry about. Or if it is actually something to worry about…I hope it is something like a “Benign” (look it up). But more than that, I’m hoping it is only because of my hormone although my menses is not going to make its appearance for the next 2 weeks… who knows, right? Oh well.. here is for hoping that my worry is all for nothing. That’s why we have a religion in the first place.. to have faith. I’m going to think positive and book an appointment at the nearest clinic soon. Wish me luck and congrats, OK? Both or either… I need it. Two turn of events in a blink of an eye.

Oh wait.. I take that back. There is only one happy event and it was my engagement. Yes, this is the big news I was raving about. The big change. 😛


I know you’re snooping around because you finally blurted it out because you couldn’t stand not knowing what is up with me since I decided to put my previous blog on private. You thought I personally blocked you out. No, I blocked everyone out (that was me, trying to be a new person by closing chapters of my past). And since I love you too much, I gave you this address. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my random writings and in return, I will try my hardest not to trash you out. Hope this will somehow satiate your curiosity about your thick-headed-tantrums-driven daughter.

Hey all,
this is me, (hello!) trying out wordpress because I just feel the need to change. The principle is still the same, smaller changes lead to the bigger ones.  This is yet my another baby steps of changes. I will let you on to a bigger one soon.

So, be nice.

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