Playing Tourist in Phuket

Sàwàddee kâ

We just recently came back from Phuket.  It’s our first family holiday out of town together and Baby Girl’s first trip out of the country. It was also our first experience of bringing the small toddling teeny human through the airport securities, immigration and all that jazz. At first the thought was intimidating hence the reason why I have been putting the idea on hold for as long as I can. But it turns out, little girl was a champ. Probably because she’s almost 2 and can understand quite well of the situation she’s in (I guess it’s a good idea that I waited as long as I did). No tantrum and no drama in both flights in and out of Phuket which was a huge relieve for me despite I did noticed she was experiencing some ear pockets (that uncomfortable sensation you got in your ears when there’s a pressure changes in the air space) during the journey because I experienced it too. I understand this can be scary for small children. Lucky for us, breastfeeding has made it easier for us because any slight discomfort baby girl is experiencing, she immediately will want to nurse and that saved us from us having to put a thick face in front of other passengers while dealing with a tantrum laced bebé. Plus she was such in a joyful spirit, she couldn’t kept quiet during the 1 and half hours journey. Of course there were times where she got restless. Which 22 month old baby doesn’t?  But like any 22 month old, she’s really easy to distract. And like any parents, we came fully loaded with distractions for her ( Ahem! my handbag weights more than 4kg)

Good job, honey bunny. Mommy’s proud of ya.


It’s was a very mellow holiday for us. Baby Girl was down with a motion sickness the second night we were there with a first sign where she vomited in the taxi ride halfway from Phuket Town to Patong Beach after we took her around to explore the Old Town on foot the first morning we were there. So after that, we pretty much spent our days there trying to lessen our journey in any moving object as much as we could for her. We spent much of our time in Phuket Old Town itself and went down to Patong Beach only when Baby Girl was in a better health and mood. A usual journey from Town to Beach will take us about 35 minutes. I insisted to opt only on metered taxi and usually we just used GrabTaxi (Uber is not available in Phuket) because of a stark difference if you hailed the normal(?) cab or a tuktuk and they always refused to use their meters when we asked. Ok, Tuktuk dont have meters but that doesn’t stop them from charging you exorbitant amount of money just because you’re a tourist. A journey from Town to Patong Beach will only cost 300 baht at maximum (including 50 baht service charge) if you use GrabTaxi as compared to if you flagged down a tuktuk or unmetered taxis. They’ll immediately will charge you 600 baht up front. So if you don’t plan to rent a bike (I heard it is a much better and cheaper option to travel around Phuket but we got a mini human and a stroller with us at all time) always go for GrabTaxi. So proud with our persistence of not using the blood-sucking tourist trappers’ services.

We decided to stay in Phuket Town for the entire 5 days we were there and we made a right choice after seeing Patong was so dense with tourists and the area is too overcrowded with bars and party scenes.


Ever since her vomiting episodes, I had to forego with the idea of traveling beyond wheels on gravels. Which means, of course, no speedboat on bumpy sea water (plus little miss-not-so-sunshine was terribly afraid of the seawater anyway). So I had to strike out going to Phi Phi Island from our itinerary. Lucky our hotel was strategic enough for a few short walks to some attractions in the Phuket Old Town itself and the Thalang Road was really close by. It was only a short walk from our hotel. Thalang Road is the main central street of Phuket’s charming Old Town with some of their Sino-Portuguese architectures still well preserved.

Taking a small child on a trip across the border was really a new experience for me. It was far more easy-going because for once, her well being plays a far more important role as compared as how much coverage we get to do on the trip. I can no longer have a list to stick to like before. Places to go and things to do will all be depending on how the Little Miss is feeling on that particular time. Which doesn’t really take much. A running around the playground near the hotel or a swim after dinner were enough for her before she surrender for the day. In fact that what make her the happiest. Definitely not a relaxing one because we got “an almost” 2 year old toddler running around in her littlest feet to care for but it was a good experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Initially I wasn’t intending to write a long entry and this is not going to be a blow by blow travel tips. Traveling tips to Phuket are not that hard to find. But mi esposo wrote an entry about his experience for his work here so I thought I’ll match his. Go read! It was a funny one reading from his perspective. He made it sound like he a stingy, grumpy old man in his article. I mean come on!! Spending your hard earn money on traveling (especially on us) is so worth every penny, dude! hahaha

Anyway like every family holiday that we go to (ok, maybe not “every”.. only when we have enough videos to put together), I’ll make him compile it into a short music video where the song is taken from the country we visited. The first video he made was this and I was inspired from then on to make more. Which means for you, Dear Husband… get ready for more traveling, Hanneh!

Original music is by this band.

Nevermind the title of the video though. Mi querido esposo has weird way in naming all his videos plus that was what Phuket is to mi bebé. You can hear it at the end of the video when she said her goodbye to Phuket (bye poo poo cat). This has already became Baby M’s favorite video. I cant wait for more holiday videos like this.

Laagàwn kâ

Working Mom FTW

Stands for “For The Win” in case you’re not up to date with the current abbreviation of the hipsters. (this goes especially to the YB Queen Mother cause she’s kinda old school hahahaha) Oh Ma, hipsters are young kids that stole your “back-in-the-days” styles/trends. You can spot them anywhere and they will make you feel like you’re just took a step back in time. Nah, I don’t have anything against hipsters. I’m just feeling a little bit snarky. That is all. So please don’t shun me from of your coffeeshops. My husband loves your overpriced curated coffees. hehehe

Ok back to why this post exists. This post is not about which set of mothers are the best and which side I’m choosing (although it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?). Not a pro and con list of being a working mom either. The choice on which road to take if you ever come to this junction, is entirely up to you. This is only the reasonings of why I choose to spend my 8 hours, 5 days a week away from the little buds. This is a reminder for myself because there will be at one point or another, I’ll question my choices and the decision I made. Especially on those bad days at work being away from my baby.

Number 1 – I’m a pro-choice. I choose to pay my bills. hahaha Well I’m not sitting on a pile of gold bars that I dont need to factor my personal expenditures when it comes to making a choice of going back to work or stay with baby girl at home and be the the dear darling wife that I am expected to be. I have bills I collected even before I got married. Like my car loan and my student loan. Can’t be expecting the husband to just pick it up once we were married, can I? Eh wait.. Can I? I don’t know. I would like to see myself as a modern wife (or in Queen M’s term – the lazy wife) who won’t cook or iron. I’m  ok being that the kind of wife that balances the husband’s cheque books, make sure all insurances are paid for and files his income tax and zakat. I fusses more on good credit standing rather than a well ironed shirt. Plus he hardly wears shirts because he works with the hipsters where they wear tshirt and jeans all day errday and inhale popcorn caramel smokes anyway (he works in the advertising fyi and by smoking popcorn caramel.. I’m referring to Vaping. Gosh who are my readers here? Oh yeah… my mom. Just her.)

Numero Dos – I can’t stand being at home for too long. I had a taste of staying at home with baby girl during our confinement for two whole months and it was tough. I cried and clinged to my husband like there was no tomorrow. I coaxed him into bringing me out on a date once on the pretext of we had to go and update our passports. Yeah I went and watched the Avengers 2 in my confinement stockings and the cesarean scars was still fresh. I walked very slowwwwwwlyy though. Don’tcha worry, YB. (dah lepas… jangan marah.. janji tak buat lagi). And by third week, I was already driving around sending and picking the husband up from work. Majority of my highlights during those days at home were the fact that there’s a promise that I can go out even to do random chores. As long as I’m out.

Nombor Tiga – Encik Suami wasnt keen with the idea of me staying at home. Case and point of number 2. I went crazy and he doesn’t want me to be all up in his grill. Imagine I’ll be doing this for good? I’ll be crazy waiting for him to come home from work right on the dot. I did talk to him about the idea of me being a SAHM. His immediate response was a straight N and O. Which was kinda strange because he was raised by a SAHM and it worked out well.. ok, except his mom wasn’t a clingy wife and she has bunch of friends  and activities up to these days and I have none of those. Oh yeah. Ok, I get your point, babe.

Four – I like earning my own money and I get my high on workloads and paperwork. Imagine if I’m a SAHM with no source of constant income except from the husband and an occasional freelance gigs. I wouldn’t be able to keep a car of my own which will bring us back to number 2 (again!). I want to be able to shop and spend money (whenever I have any left after the bill mountain is all sorted out at every end of the month) the way I want it with no question asked because it’s mine. I also acknowledge juggling stuff at home is way harder than at work. A lot more tiring too and it keeps on going. Stuff at the office are seasonal and you can see the ending to every project no matter how hard it is. So the choice is pretty much sets on stone with this one.

Ke lima – I was raised by a working mom herself. Although she did it way better. Did all the cooking, cleaning and the whole nine yard while climbing up the corporate ladder with little to no help at all. At one point in my life, she was away the entire 8 years, working overseas all on her own. Tough woman, I tell you. So it’s the same example that I want to set for baby girl and her future siblings. I want her to be able to see that I am an independent woman and I have my own free will to be anything I want and I can still be a mother to her.

So why can’t I excel at work and still be a good mother? I know it’s going to be hard (whichever road I chose to take). But (in my mind) at least with working and a good few hours spent outside being my own person will keep my sanity at bay. That way, everyone will be happy. This doesn’t mean I don’t love and miss my baby. I miss her terribly, every second that I’m away from her. I’m always on #workingmomsguilt. Why do you think I’m still breastfeeding my 16 month old tods and still pumping at work? My breast-pump (which by the way is a single electric pump from Avent) is what I can safe to claim as my best friend for now. I have been using it religiously for the past 16 months and i don’t know if I’m stopping any time soon. Yes! Breast pumping feels like a religion right now! Uggghhh The devotion it took me! I’m not even kidding.Screen Shot 1Screen Shot 2Screen Shot 3

So, Bahijah. When one of those mornings came and you find yourself looking at that angelic face sleeping beside you and you began to wonder if it’s a good idea to quit and just stay at home and be the mother that bakes shits, just remember this….

You’re bad at baking. Get up and go to work!

And to the other mothers… no matter if you’re a SAHM, WAHM, FTWM or whatever other acronym hell they tend to label us with as moms, it’s gonna be tough and it’s gonna be for a very long time. So, Good luck!

Introducing Baby M

Hi! Here’s a picture of her taken when she was just out from my beautiful round tummy. I think this was taken a day after her delivery.


She just turned 7 month last week and it has been an amazing 7 months of a roller coaster ride. They said time flies when you have a baby. Oh well.. for me, it freezes at times, and when it does move, it moves at a super slow pace but it also flies so fast, it almost matches the super light speed. One day it can get from this – “Ahhh baby.. why aren’t you walking yet? Mommy’s tired from carrying you too long. When will you be walking? 1 more year? This means I need to carry you for another one more year?” to “Wahh why are you so heavy now? It only feels like yesterday you were just so tiny and weight of a pea!”  catching yourself wondering where the time goes. And then it went to “Your baby can army crawl from the TV area to the sofa in no time, you better keep your eyes on her when she’s in bed with you” The Queen M told me when I got home from work. Woahhh baby, stop with the growing up when Mommy’s at work, please. Let’s do it when I’m at home, Kapish?

So you get what I’m sayin’? No? It’s cool if you don’t get it and I’m not even exaggerating here.

During the first few days when we brought her home, we were in for a very long night of trying to understand one another. It was different from those nights in the hospital. There, I have an army of nurses to help me out. At home, when the lights were off, it was just me and the new daddy against the tiny bundle. Elated but scared shitless we might screw this one up. We’re talking about a breathing, tiny human here. Gosh.. We were all over the place. We didn’t know what to do with a crying baby at 3 freaking AM. Obviously I can’t go knocking down my parents’ door anymore since we’re the parents ourselves (but I did once knocked at my mom’s door, crying when Baby girl had her first fever. Her temperature shoots up to 38.8degrees celsius at 2AM and I was in panic mode. Beep. Beeeeeep. New mom alert). Yupe, we’re in this alone.

Anyway, the baby and I were still in the get-to-know basis during the first week we’re home and we’ve yet to establish a proper and most comfortable way of the breast to mouth system. Worst because I had Caesarean. So it was kinda hard to come up with the supply base on her demand without triggering any pain since it was hard for me to shift from one position to another. She had no problem latching though. Sucked with a champion (still do). But I was very adamant to breastfeed her. So most nights, after I feed her (or trying to) I’ll pump for keeps. In the morning, as soon as my mom woke up, I’ll pass the baby and the expressed milk to her and go get my much needed sleep. Lucky, my mom was very understanding and more than willing to take her off my hands for a few hours. That arrangement saved my sanity and kept my sleep deprivation down to a minimum throughout my confinement period. Thank you, mama. Sorry for the many tantrums for the past 31 years. *puppy eyes*

7 months down that long winding road of diaper change, pukes, loud cries and giggles, baby girl still breastfeeds exclusively. Yay! I’ve passed my first breastfeeding milestone. This is us at 7 month old.


Yes, I’m a 7 month old too. 7 month old mother. Duh.

A brand new year.

Carte de vœux by Lucille Michieli

Artwork by Lucille Michieli


Wow. It has been 15 years since the day I celebrated the turn of a millennium. I was only 16 then. Witnessed the world went crazy over the Y2K bug that year which turned out to be nothing.

Fast forward to today. I’m at the office when most of my colleagues and friends traded their annual leave for a long weekend. The office is pretty much very quiet this week. People are still in their holiday mood and the feeling is the same like every other year. Boring.

So what’s in store for me this year? Well for a start, if everything goes well, I’ll be turning 31 (Hello, adulthood!) and going to be a mother come March (Hello, motherhood!), my marriage with that boy I have been seeing since 12 years ago will turn 4 come July (I should start hinting from now on what presents he should get me for all of these occasions) and I guess I have a decision to make career wise too once I popped the bean out.

As usual, like every beginning of the year, I have big plans. Not really a resolution, more like what I’m planning to do and go this year. But I’m not gonna dwell with my future plans just yet and plus, whatever plan that I’m about to make now will totally and definitely be flying out of the window once Baby M made her debut. Lets just say, from now till March, my plan will be involving a lot of baby things.

I’m just here to say Hello and wishing everyone a great year.


The Misadventure

It’s been one crazy month after another and I got 1001 things to do today and for the rest of the week. Lets add on to the fact that my body is getting bigger and bigger by the day and I am getting more and more slower too. All I want to do today (and almost every other moment of my life right now) is just to lay down and enjoy the kicking and tiny little movements from the inside of my tummy. Is that too much to ask? Turns out, at this moment of time, it is.

So you probably heard by now that I’m carrying a bundle of responsibility, growing steadily at 28th week. But this is not my first pregnancy. I had what I like to call as a misadventure almost 10 months ago. A day before I turned 30 and also a day before the mysterious flight MH370 gone missing without a trace, I had a miscarriage. Yupe. Spent my big day of turning 30 on the bed because I was supposed to be recovering from a D&C I had the night before.

We did not plan the first pregnancy (nor this one) and I wasn’t going to say that I’m not excited all the same. That’s just down right lying. We’ve been married for more than 3 years and although we have decided to hold off on the expansion plan, when news like this came knocking, of course I was elated. I was practically dancing right in the middle of the road while we were walking towards our car after our first appointment at the clinic and the doctor confirmed it. Yeah. That how overjoyed I was.  I even carried the ultrasound photo everywhere I went and whenever I can, I kept pointed it out to the Dear Darling on how cute my baby was (yeah you cant see much but a tiny blop) going to be.  No one but the family members knew though. I was trying hard to be all cool about it. So hard for wanting to keep it hush hush, I often found myself ignoring the fact that I was carrying a child inside of me and I went on with my life and workload just like I normally would. Not a care in the world. I was happy but so, so clueless. It was definitely not a good combo.

So eight weeks into the pregnancy, I discovered a blood stain while I was at Mom’s. Just a small stain but that was enough to throw all worries in the world right in front of my doorstep. Hello, panic attack! So that evening of March 6th, 2014 (2 days before my 30th birthday) we sped off to see our caregiver, hoping it was just a threat instead of the real thing. On the way, I was praying hard that God would let it easy on my first time experience of being a mom. Prayed that I won’t come home with a broken heart and I get to tell the amazing news to my friends on my birthday. Wasn’t that an ideal situation? The journey was quiet and long for us. Well, for me at least. I don’t know what was in the Dear Darling’s head at the moment. But we were quiet as I was busy praying hard in my head.

When we arrived, the doctor can’t confirmed anything because there was no new blood other than the original stains. The ultrasound showed that everything was still intact but he didn’t tell us anything other than that. No mentioned of tiny heartbeats or anything and don’t think we asked any because we were that clueless. So he sent us home and I was requested to be on a bed rest for the rest of the week. I was a little relieved by the piece of information, that it might be just like what I prayed it to be.. a threat. All I needed was a good rest after all, I thought.

So as soon as we arrived home, I didn’t waste any time. Took a quick bath and straight on the bed, all fresh and ready to get that rest that I thought was all I needed to get back to being happy and pregnant. Mind you, there was still that worry nagging in my head but I decided being positive was the way to go here. I spent the rest of the night Googling about it. Fuh! At the rate I was reading about threaten miscarriage, there’s hope (at least that was what I like to believe). There were hundreds that got out of it and still happily pregnant. So there must be hope for me too.

Then the stomach cramp came with a slight squeeze down the nether region. So I checked and there it was – fresh, red, hot and a little lumpy but not too much to shocked me into thinking it was the end. It was just fresh stains. So I kept on hoping, crying, praying and Googling up for more info. Up till I was too tired from all the panic crying, I slept with a very heavy heart (not until a call to the doctor and he reassured me that I needed the sleep and I can come and see him the next day if the bleeding persisted).

The next day, I was feeling slightly better and not too panicky any more. The bleeding seemed to subside and leaving only brown stains from the night before but I was still on bed rest just to be sure. Spent the entire day on bed has got to be the worst idea that the doctor had ever suggested to me. I can’t do anything much but to wonder with my worries and cry. Thank God, Dear Darling was super understanding. He even took an emergency leave from work just to be with me and making sure I’m all OK and that I ate on time. Till to this very day, I am amazed at how cool he was through out the entire ordeal when I was right there, in front of him, with all of my panic attacks, drama and oh! all that crying. I’m slightly jealous of him too for being so calm about it. But I guess someone needs to be the sane one in order to keep the boat afloat or else, we’ll drown. So it was better him than me.

By the evening, I was much calmer and somehow ready to whatever outcomes that might turned out. There was no sign of fresh blood by 5pm, so I decided to go to the loo because I have been holding it in for quite sometimes (Well.. I was scared that I might flushed the baby out if I did). And then there it was.. in the toilet..  red and hot and bloody.. came down pouring as soon as I stand up. At that time, I knew that this was it. Bye bye birdie. Called out for the Hubster, cleaned the toilet and we left to get that official confirmation. I wasn’t crying any more because by that time, surges of pain kept appearing 2 to 5 seconds apart. My mind has shifted completely on managing the pain. Mom said that was how contraction felt like. I must had contractions then. We opted for the D&C right away as suggested by the doctor. How was I feeling after? Numb, thanks to the anaesthesia. I know that the anaesthesia only lasted for a few hours, but days after the incident was a total blur for me and I’m thankful for that. Especially right after the procedure because I would be a total wreck.

So on the day of my 30th birthday, after the procedure the night before, I pestered the Dear Darling to take me out on a date because in my defence, I deserved it. So he took me for a quick movie date and a lunch and we’re home and I’m back on the bed 3 hours later. Well I was supposed to be on a bed rest like any normal patient who just had a procedure anyway. Couldn’t argue much or wiggled my way out of that.

It has been 10 months since then and I am now back at being pregnant and so far, it looks promising. I’m in my third trimester now and this little bean will due somewhere in March next year. How am I feeling? Excited of course. I’m back to doing my happy dances whenever I get the chance to. Ask the Hubster. It is all I talked about ever since I found out that I’m pregnant again. Now a day, every little kick, hiccup and movement can send me over the moon. Yupe, even at 7th month, heavy, all that body aches and my carpal tunnel syndrome, this little bean makes me all sort of happy. Maybe when I can find the time and not too lazy, I shall pen down about this pregnancy.

For today, I’ll leave you with a story of how eventful was my day turning in to decade number 3 with a very strong set of hands by my side and a supportive family.

It was a good experience in the end. It made me more aware with the development of my current baby and the pregnancy itself. No more going around acting like it did not happened. It also made me more appreciative towards my man, family and of course, my own body.


The guardian of the night

Oh no, I did not drew a Batman.  That’s my Dear Darling’s thing. Superheroes are his thing. I drew random things and this is  the most recent one so far. Like a-week-ago recent. The owl was hand drawn with pencil on paper and the splashes were done using Illustrator CS6. I named this one “Hoot” because I’m so bad with naming things (like this title for example….Guardian of the night? how lame is that?).

10724881_914663901880085_1613738637_n 10724615_634517206668611_1591341821_n


Anyway the printed version of the blue owl will be available on T-shirts at Arttee Apparels‘s store soon.

What’s Arttee Apparels? Oh that’s another story to tell. Keep a look out for it, OK?*winks*.

Like my short update? I thought I should let you know that I’m very much alive and very very very pregnant (Opps… that too is another story to be told for another day).


Mi madre, mi amor



Tú siempre será mi número uno.

Diario es una día de la madre. Feliz día de la madre.

hahaha I just started to learn Español. So excuse the bad grammar. Yeah.. of all the day I wanted to practise my Spanish, I picked the day I wanted to wish the Queen Bee a happy mother’s day. She does not even speak the language. (I hope my new found skill will somehow amazes you, Mom. Love you!) Yupe. I’m 30, married and still look at my mom for those little nods of approval. So silly.

Anyway to all mothers out there, please keep the nagging down to the minimum. Your children love you simply because you’re just too awesome.

Happy mother’s day.


We turn 2


It has been 731 days since this day. That’s 2 journeys around the sun and I couldn’t be more happier today than I was 2 years ago (Oh wait.. actually I am much happier now).

He’s awesome. My best friend, my happy pill, my comfort zone but at the same time, my nemesis. He supports but challenges me at the same time. He is like my super villain to my super power. Oh how I thank God I said yes to him. We had awesome adventures together and I’m looking forward for more adventures to come.

This time around I only made him a card since we have celebrated our anniversary early in Bali last June, but Mr Super Sweet surprised me with a bouquet of roses sent to my office today. *Grins* I’m smitten.


Thank you, baby. I love you.

Now I cant wait to get home.

The final year

The last year for the decade number three before hitting the big 3-Oh.

Source by

So far, it’s the best decade yet where many milestones reached and achieved. The decade where I’m old enough to be able to make my own decisions,to vote, to experience life as an individual, being free and accountable for every action. This is the decade where my opinions starting to actually matter to the mass market (people actually listen to me! and do as I told… sometimes) and many of firsts too (first car, first job, first own company, first big loss…). And as I grow in this decade, I found ways to exercise many of my rights and became more confident and sure of myself.

Today, I am more at peace with the world. I am more calm in dealing with head on problems and I learn to take things rationally. Yeah.. I’m now at the age of the “old enough to know things better and still young enough to be hopeful of the future” and I’m loving every moment of it.

I’m thankful for every bit of those tipsy turvy journeys I had for the past 29 years of being alive.  So lucky that throughout the entire time of being in my 20s, I have my man (that very same guy I woke up to this morning – I like to think us like Marshall and Lily from HIMYM.. hahaha perasan much?), the family and the girlfriends with me along the way.

Today, in the celebration of celebrating me (and so are the entire women race out there – it’s the International Women’s Day too), I’m putting in a list of thirty things to do before 30. Let see if we can strike out as much as possible by March next year. Yeah. I’m ever the hopeful. No doubt.


I intentionally did not factor my career in this list because it will not be my main focus this year. During the early stage of my working years, I often find myself playing catch up with work, doing those extra miles, burning the extra hours (sometimes even my own dimes) that leaves me burned out in the end for something I did not even care. Work will always be .. well work. No point fussing over it.

Happy birthday, me. Remember to always be happy and thankful. The Queen Bee deserves to be celebrated today too. So thank you, Ma. I love you.

This is the part where I’m no longer a Miss

As promised, I’m here to talk about the wedding once and for all. After all, this blog once gravitated around the wedding preparations (or the lack of it) and what a bad story would it be if it didnt come out with an end to all the build ups.

Here we go. Nikah

The solemnization was held at my parents’ on Saturday 16th of July 2011. Mr Husband refuses to wear a wedding ring so I got him a wedding watch instead. I, on the other hand, cant wait to wear the ring I chose. Yes, romance was not involved in that Big Ring Hunt 2011. I knew what I want at that time and so was he. His side of family came in yellow while mine welcomed them in pink/grey. Things were all good and dandy and by the end of it, I cant barely open my eyes because I was overwhelmed and super tired. It was perfect.

Wedding 1My reception was held the day after (Sunday 17th July 2011) and it was in a garden close to where I used to grow up during my childhood surrounded by big lake and big trees. Due to budget constrain, it was a very small reception of just closest family and friends. Foot cramps came after everyone left. I was told that the food was awesome. Too bad I didnt get the chance to enjoy it though.

wedding2His reception was a week after, on 23rd at his family’s home (Where I am currently living in) This time around, the concept was more traditional and crowds were bigger. No foot cramps and I get to enjoy the food. Lucky.

So that was it. My wedding. Summed up in 216 words. It was awesome and it turned out just as I imagined it to be. Best of all, the three beautiful occasions were singlehandedly planned by both mothers, mine and his. Which made it even more special. Thank you, moms.

As a cherry on top, Alhamdullillah, I am married to my bestfriend of 8 years and counting.

The end.

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