The Hot and Cold Project

It has been a hot and cold project indeed if you count the times I was super excited to start the project, getting all inspired one second to being a plain whiny-miserable-almost-at-the-brink-of-giving-up the next second (happens the moment it didn’t go the way I thought it would. Usually during the first stage of production. Tsk Tsk. Princess.) and back to being happy (hours after sleeping the misery off) when the colors and everything finally blending it well together. I get easily distracted and overwhelmed by large canvases (It’s the glass-half-empty thing.).

Here are some sneak peeks of me trying to conquer my mountain. Ok, not mountain.. more like a hill. It’s not that huge but enough to filled up my small space at the corner of our bedroom for a whole weekend.

This artwork is part of a house art project I’m working on, but thinking I might as well start a series out of this using the same method and start contacting galleries if they’re interested to showcase my humble works (Awww you’re so hopeful, it’s cute.). We’ll see.

Oil Pastel on 2 pieces of 2.5’x2′ Synthetic mixed Cotton Canvas. The idea came from the paddy hillside topography and the elements of fire and water (hot and cold, geddit?). Thanks to Cinta Hati for getting me hooked on Human Planet. It got me all worked up and inspired by the images shown in there.

IMG_2956 IMG_2986 IMG_2988IMG_2980

Well of course I’m not done yet.

Vector Imaging

I’m still going on strong with this idea of mine. Will showcase all of the artworks once it’s done.  Good luck, me!

Digital Lips


I have nothing clever to write… except maybe for this quote I found through the internet which inspires from the book  “The Creative License” by Mr Danny Gregory.

“Draw. Draw when you feel like drawing, draw when you don’t feel it. Draw when you’re confident, even when you’re insecure. Draw and keep drawing. No one became great just by thinking about drawing”

Yeah. That’s more like it. Something clever. OK, I need to go and draw something now.

Going digital

Current  project that I am working on involves heavy digitization of images, vector graphics and the repeat of my previous and the only themed series of artworks that I ever produced so far.

Reason being, it’s the only thing that I can work on during my free time and stolen seconds while at the office. Wont it be awkward if I started taking out my brushes and watercolor palette and started painting while at work? (OK, sometimes I doodle – Oh hey! that was how I started anyway, doodling at work and lunch time on recycled papers) It’ll rises questions from the management of how I am not doing what I’m hired to do (which I did! Seriously) and believe me when I say that there are CCTVs everywhere in the office.

As time is my biggest factor that contributes to my limitations of exploring art further (which I mentioned on my previous post), I find that this is the only time I can work on my personal projects ( and it will be an awfully slow process). It is because when I’m at home, I usually focus on the commission artworks.

Yes, I am that determined.

Here you go. Another series of lips will be making its way around here and I am just getting started.

Adobe Illustrator CS5

Working Space

Work was overwhelming. We are currently in the midst of structuring a whole new website and an eCommerce store that can cater almost 2 thousand worth of products and more than 20 brands under its wings. To provide all the details to the vendor with the products’ descriptions, images and technical details, I am basically taking a new role of the office’s data entry clerk (Please hold off those celebratory claps. I was told this wasn’t a promotion. I KNOW! How could they?) Obviously this is not a brain surgery but damn, it is very time consuming. My fingers are numb by pressing Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V all day long, all week, I might as well be performing a brain surgery (OK, I’m exaggerating). On top of this, I only managed to organize 1 brand. Yupe. O.N.E. brand. Yeah, I’m super fast like that. Need a typist? Please, by all means, drop me an email or call me, maybe?

On a different and much, much happier note, I am very much well rested after last weekend, thanks to the husband. We went for a short trip with the inlaws to Port Dickson and I am pretty much relaxed after the short roadtrip. But despite all that, I still find my body refuses to deal with the reality of the dreaded Monday this morning. So I slept through the entire journey to the office in the passenger’s seat while the husband braving through the massive peak hour traffics alone. Such a sweet wife I am. Isn’t he so lucky? Why wouldn’t he be? He gets to be with me and have his personal space at the same time. What more could he ask for? Right. *smiles happily*

Bet you’ve been wondering where I was heading with this story, haven’t you? Ohkayyy.. because of all these, I haven’t been painting or drawing or well…. basically feeding my so-called-passion with colors, which resulted to zero update for this blog last week. Or to cut things short, I don’t have anything worth posting. Yeah, it would made it much simpler if I just mention it from the beginning. Then I’ll be a crappy storyteller if I did.

OK, I’m rambling. Originally I wanted to talk about studio spaces that I didn’t own but aching to have. Let us go back to that, shall we?

I would love to have a huge working space to work on my paintings but my current living arrangement wont give me the luxury to do so. *Sad face* Not that I see this as a main factor for me to not be able to explore different technics and a chance of using bigger canvas and mediums (I have many limitations. My number one is time), but a girl can dream and I have been dreaming to have one like these (*Ahem* pictures below).

Oh wait. It IS a factor of why I’ve been putting a lot of my ideas on hold. I just don’t have the space.

Minolta DSCaa7ec0193070149c81fc56a6eac5ab2ecb5e7ccb72db16ab383826b34dc502ba71b212d6870c8e97577e73eb4f6bfe5f

So we know that the key to a good studio is those with abundance of natural lighting and white/natural-colored walls. So far I am drawn looking and finding myself falling in love with Black&White studio set up with a few key pieces in natural earthy tones (*Ahem* first and last pictures). But I’ll settle with just a small room and a drawing table for now (Third picture from top… or bellow – whichever way you want to look at it). First, I need to find myself the empty room to spare. Mom? Honey? Do we have an empty room in our house that we can turn into my mini art studio?

What’s your ultimate dream studio?

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