New Prints

Oh wow.. how long was I not here? Too long? Yeah. That seems like the right specific amount of time that I have not been updating anything in here. hehehe

So to commemorate my return to the world’s wonder of blogging (really? no, not really), here are some prints that I’m planning to put it out there. In case whoever is interested to get the prints, email me at bahijah[at] I’ll fill in the details of these prints there.

These are digital illustrations of my ‘skyscrapers and buildings’ series. I do plan to have more towers, building and monuments in this series. Started this series on 2nd April 2014, so this will definitely be a growing series. Why digital illustration? Because I’m still working (yeah……) and having a very limited time and space (yup, still in the same living arrangement since I started this blog) only gives me the option to do elaborate artworks through the digital media. It’s fuss free and still gives me the platform for my creative ideas to flow through.

Cheers. Print Print PrintTill the next update, please don’t hold your breath and drink more water. Lots of love. Me.

We turn 2


It has been 731 days since this day. That’s 2 journeys around the sun and I couldn’t be more happier today than I was 2 years ago (Oh wait.. actually I am much happier now).

He’s awesome. My best friend, my happy pill, my comfort zone but at the same time, my nemesis. He supports but challenges me at the same time. He is like my super villain to my super power. Oh how I thank God I said yes to him. We had awesome adventures together and I’m looking forward for more adventures to come.

This time around I only made him a card since we have celebrated our anniversary early in Bali last June, but Mr Super Sweet surprised me with a bouquet of roses sent to my office today. *Grins* I’m smitten.


Thank you, baby. I love you.

Now I cant wait to get home.

A Sketch A Day Project: over the long weekend

I picked the pencil and bought a new drawing pad. I think I’m all set to get back on track with my A Sketch A Day project. Nah.. I’m not going to even try to catch up with the number of days I’ve missed out. Too much pressure that will leads to Discouraged Napping. I need to stay positive. Unlucky for the husband, the way of me staying positive is by spending. But heyyyy.. whatever floats my boat. *winks*


On the greener side of the story, here are my successful little buds of herbs. 2 out of the 4 seed packs I bought finally came to life while the other two… well failed to make any appearance from day 1 . These are the Oregano and Thyme. Planted Thyme 7 days after Oregano hence the difference in the growing process. I got green fingers yaw’ll *shows fingers literally covered in green paints*


My Creative Process


Discouraged Napping. I’m guilty of that.  I’m on artist block at this point of time and I just couldn’t bring my mood up to even hold a brush properly. Yeah… I should get a kick in the back. And as for the husband, he prefers to leave me be and let me wallow in my misery napping all by myself. I guess that way, he gets more alone time with his PS3.

So I go for the next best thing. I filled my time with a lot of reading and gardening (OK, I dont know if you can consider gardening as the next best thing, but staring at the small pots filled with ugly soils sure beats laying around, staring at the ceiling for hours). hahaha. Yeah. I garden now and by gardening, I mean, putting and arranging soils and succulent plants in a jar and continuously hovering over it every single day to see if it grows. And I’m planning to start a herbs garden too. I’ve planted Basil, Oregano and Parsley from seeds but there’s no sign of life yet and I’m still hopeful. The packaging says to give it 10 days. So 10 days we shall wait. Oh man.. I hover on these little pots of seeds too. Everyday and night. Poking and jabbing the soils, putting it under UV light, moving it to the windowsill every morning so it’ll get more sunlight and pestering the husband by shoving the small pots in his face and asking him “Look! Did you see anything growing in there?” every chance I get when he enters the room. Yeah.. I bet he would prefers if I just go back to my napping now. Dont you, husband? He will usually answer it with “Give it a rest or you’ll kill them”.

As if I’m gonna kill it! Pfft. *continue staring at the small seeds to see if anything spurts that I missed out earlier”

b7fece2aae5e11e2ab0f22000a9f305a_7ee320522ac1811e291e622000a1f9d57_7 e1807ddcac1c11e2bd6022000aa80383_7

In a way, this falls under my creative process too – “Random Internet Surfing”. I got the idea of doing my own indoor garden while surfing aimlessly in Pinterest and this is what I plan to do.

6aa6522087ea44119ab13f373db28423 ccd4052a7a5b4867ebd056123905bb86296a2278730f647425a31b9e7495bba61feb9b667e2fb55711c7c055159fc032

Yupe. Big plan.

Check back on me after 10 days, ok? We’ll see if I ever manage to grow something by then.

The final year

The last year for the decade number three before hitting the big 3-Oh.

Source by

So far, it’s the best decade yet where many milestones reached and achieved. The decade where I’m old enough to be able to make my own decisions,to vote, to experience life as an individual, being free and accountable for every action. This is the decade where my opinions starting to actually matter to the mass market (people actually listen to me! and do as I told… sometimes) and many of firsts too (first car, first job, first own company, first big loss…). And as I grow in this decade, I found ways to exercise many of my rights and became more confident and sure of myself.

Today, I am more at peace with the world. I am more calm in dealing with head on problems and I learn to take things rationally. Yeah.. I’m now at the age of the “old enough to know things better and still young enough to be hopeful of the future” and I’m loving every moment of it.

I’m thankful for every bit of those tipsy turvy journeys I had for the past 29 years of being alive.  So lucky that throughout the entire time of being in my 20s, I have my man (that very same guy I woke up to this morning – I like to think us like Marshall and Lily from HIMYM.. hahaha perasan much?), the family and the girlfriends with me along the way.

Today, in the celebration of celebrating me (and so are the entire women race out there – it’s the International Women’s Day too), I’m putting in a list of thirty things to do before 30. Let see if we can strike out as much as possible by March next year. Yeah. I’m ever the hopeful. No doubt.


I intentionally did not factor my career in this list because it will not be my main focus this year. During the early stage of my working years, I often find myself playing catch up with work, doing those extra miles, burning the extra hours (sometimes even my own dimes) that leaves me burned out in the end for something I did not even care. Work will always be .. well work. No point fussing over it.

Happy birthday, me. Remember to always be happy and thankful. The Queen Bee deserves to be celebrated today too. So thank you, Ma. I love you.

Love List #1


Inspired by this Singaporean blogger Fazabdulgaffa and her love lists.
Here is my love list numero uno.

The new environment – I haven’t been talking about it but those who are close to me knew I jumped ship about 4 months ago and couldn’t be more happier with this new arrangement than I was before. I love how the environment is far more relax and flexible. The people here are more open and trustful, which in return, makes me to want to excel more in what I’m doing. Job scopes are pretty much the same and best yet… no more punch card to deal with. That little machine has been driving me crazy for the past couple of years and thank God, I no longer need to deal with that piece of old technology. Amen.

– A Sketch A Day Project – Kicked off late last year in the new office. Job brief was low at that time since it was the holiday seasons, so I picked a pencil and paper to pass the time. Soon I started doing it regularly and loving every minute of it too. Good thing that I made a project out of it so I could feed this space with the record of my drawings.

– The Husband – It’s obvious, he is the reasons for almost everything and I’m thankful for him. I don’t know what I did to have him by my side, but must have been something right for once. So thank you, God. I’m blessed. Alhamdulillah.

– The Van Gogh’s  Pencil Kit – 

The elder brother bought it for my 28th birthday in Amsterdam from the Van Gogh Museum and it has been with me everyday. My must-have toolbox.  Here is a closer look of how the pencil kit looks like.

– Adobe Illustrator CS6 –  Ok, this is geeky but I dont know what else to put on my love list right now and I just want to start one. I really love playing around with Adobe Illustrator more than the Photoshop and all my digital artworks are Illustrator based (like this one). I find that the new features for CS6 is awesome (Check out the video), hence why it falls into this love list.

That is it… for now. I’ll find better love list next time. Pinky promise.

2012 Sketches


Some of my random sketches I did back in the year of the dragon ( that’s last year if you’re not familiar with the Chinese’s calendar. This year is snake.). Mostly were done using pens and watercolors in a blank A5 sized notebook.  Just thought of sharing it in here as part of showing my progress and maybe a little wishful thinking that I might have grown out of my comfort zone from my very first try to today… even if it is only a little bit.


A Sketch A Day : Day 17 and 18

Day 17 and Day 18 respectively and I’ve slowly putting colors in my sketches. Can you see? I’m starting to put more effort in my little sketch project. Oh well.. one needs to upgrade one’s skill (and I dont know why I called myself ‘one’. It just sounds fancy that way).

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 7.47.23 PMScreen Shot 2013-01-17 at 7.47.47 PM

I kinda tired doing headshot. Aren’t you tired seeing it as much I am tired doing it? Maybe we’ll try and work on other things soon…..ish. As for now, the only thing that is extremely tired are my eyes and my legs. So I’m going to sleep early. I had one event early this morning (as early as waking up at 5am!) and I need to get myself prepared for another one in Kota Kinabalu next week among other projects that I have to brave through at the office. Yup! I’ll be leaving Cinta Hati at home (It’s going to be my first time leaving him for work purposes and you should see the joy in his eyes when I announced the sad news).


A Sketch A Day : Day 12, 13, 14 and 15

Day 12 – 3 different expressions of a bald girl.


 Day 13Cinta hati. I thought of giving it a try, drawing someone that I know personally instead of images of random people. The result turned out quite sucky because I kept over thinking every little detail that I thought I knew by heart. Like the positions of his eyes when he squinted, the rows of his teeth when he smiles and so on. So the line become too thick and it was just messy because I kept erasing and redrawing those lines over and over again. hmm.. Oh well.. better luck next time.


Day 14 – Focusing on hair because I’m bad at it. I dont have that much patience so I always end up halfway. But then again, I should explore other way of drawing hair instead of focusing on every strand. Well, obviously this kind of thing requires experience and I’m still lacking in that department.


Day 15 – More hair, more frustration and a work half done. Spot coffee stains on the paper from my breakfast that I had at the office infront of the PC. Deliberately did that. Thought it added more edge to the sketch. hehehe


This last picture was a request by a friend on Day 15th. Decided to add some watercolours in since I havent touch any in the last couple of months. Even the paper used was from a silver-ish glittery card stock (you can see the sparkles of the paper at the right corner of the image). Wanted to see the effect of pencil on a card stock which made the blending much smoother but the watercolours didn’t really mix well with the card stock. So after some times, the color will fade out and is easily scratched out. I guess due to the shiny and smooth texture of the card stock.

Point is, always coat it with a layer of varnish (or whatever sealer on the market) on all the works done. It is to lock the colors of the artworks in place. Yeah.. Yeah… Only with experience and constant search of knowledge that one would know. hey.. I’m working on it.


It is said that a cost effective color locking technique (or some people called it sealing) is by using a hair spray to coat your work. I dont know about it being cost effective though because my hair spray is expensive! But if you dont have anything else and you happen to have a hair spray laying around (I did!), worth to give it a try. I gave it a try on an artwork that I did using oil pastels on a cotton+ synthetic canvas and it worked just fine. It gives out a matte look as compared to a varnish (shiny) sealer. I dreaded using varnish because it spoils my brushes and I’ve yet to find the best way to clean the varnish out of those effected brushes. So every time I did it, I parted with one brush *sigh* (luckily they were inexpensive brushes). Oh a spray mount works well as a sealer too, but I havent try it so I cant vouch for that.

Life Trade : The supply and demand chains.

Wassily Kandinski- Artists at Work

Found this article on facebook (Oh the perk of social media!) through an acquaintance and I thought I’d share it here. The writer talks about 6 life’s hard truths that we need to acknowledge to be better of whatever we aspire to be. Although he mentioned that being nice often brings one nowhere, I, on the other hand, find that this is an added value that separate you from other beings. So nice is still in but dont just use that as an excuse. His article mainly focuses on giving yourself a skill that would make you valuable to the community, to come up with a trading skill that gives you the higher power in the supply and demand chains.
So I’m sharing this to serve as a reminder for myself to keep on doing what I’m doing right now. Something useful for us to start off the new year with. It’s time we stop figuring things out and just do it.

“…throw enough hours of repetition at it and you can get sort of good at anything.  …. It took me probably 20,000 hours of practice to sand the edges off my sucking.”

So, lets clock in more hours to sand off those rough edges. Ever heard of the 10,000hours-rule theory? It is said that a person requires at least ten years and/or 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve an expert level of performance in any given domain.

It’s worth a try, right? So, Good luck!

There’s no entry of my sketches not because I stop doing it. Trust me, that’s the only thing that I keep doing right now. Every single day. I want to be good and I’m determine. I want to be so good that I cant even stand myself out of envy. haha. Ok, that doesn’t make any sense. But yeah.

So postings for Day 12th to 15th will be next.

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