We turn 2


It has been 731 days since this day. That’s 2 journeys around the sun and I couldn’t be more happier today than I was 2 years ago (Oh wait.. actually I am much happier now).

He’s awesome. My best friend, my happy pill, my comfort zone but at the same time, my nemesis. He supports but challenges me at the same time. He is like my super villain to my super power. Oh how I thank God I said yes to him. We had awesome adventures together and I’m looking forward for more adventures to come.

This time around I only made him a card since we have celebrated our anniversary early in Bali last June, but Mr Super Sweet surprised me with a bouquet of roses sent to my office today. *Grins* I’m smitten.


Thank you, baby. I love you.

Now I cant wait to get home.

Still Alive and Kicking

I haven’t been abandoning this ship yet. Not that I’m planning to, dont worry. Anyway here are the sketches I did since my last update.

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Told you I haven’t fall off the wagon. I am a firm believer of  “practice makes perfect”.

Ok that’s it. I dont have anything to talk about right now. I’m not really in the mood of sharing lately. I’m partly hormonal and partly emotional most of the time. But that is just me being a girl.

May you have an awesome day. Cheers.

Sketching it up to date

I splurged on watercolor pencils and I went crazy with it.image image image image image image imageimage imageimage image image

A Sketch A Day Project: over the long weekend

I picked the pencil and bought a new drawing pad. I think I’m all set to get back on track with my A Sketch A Day project. Nah.. I’m not going to even try to catch up with the number of days I’ve missed out. Too much pressure that will leads to Discouraged Napping. I need to stay positive. Unlucky for the husband, the way of me staying positive is by spending. But heyyyy.. whatever floats my boat. *winks*


On the greener side of the story, here are my successful little buds of herbs. 2 out of the 4 seed packs I bought finally came to life while the other two… well failed to make any appearance from day 1 . These are the Oregano and Thyme. Planted Thyme 7 days after Oregano hence the difference in the growing process. I got green fingers yaw’ll *shows fingers literally covered in green paints*


My Creative Process


Discouraged Napping. I’m guilty of that.  I’m on artist block at this point of time and I just couldn’t bring my mood up to even hold a brush properly. Yeah… I should get a kick in the back. And as for the husband, he prefers to leave me be and let me wallow in my misery napping all by myself. I guess that way, he gets more alone time with his PS3.

So I go for the next best thing. I filled my time with a lot of reading and gardening (OK, I dont know if you can consider gardening as the next best thing, but staring at the small pots filled with ugly soils sure beats laying around, staring at the ceiling for hours). hahaha. Yeah. I garden now and by gardening, I mean, putting and arranging soils and succulent plants in a jar and continuously hovering over it every single day to see if it grows. And I’m planning to start a herbs garden too. I’ve planted Basil, Oregano and Parsley from seeds but there’s no sign of life yet and I’m still hopeful. The packaging says to give it 10 days. So 10 days we shall wait. Oh man.. I hover on these little pots of seeds too. Everyday and night. Poking and jabbing the soils, putting it under UV light, moving it to the windowsill every morning so it’ll get more sunlight and pestering the husband by shoving the small pots in his face and asking him “Look! Did you see anything growing in there?” every chance I get when he enters the room. Yeah.. I bet he would prefers if I just go back to my napping now. Dont you, husband? He will usually answer it with “Give it a rest or you’ll kill them”.

As if I’m gonna kill it! Pfft. *continue staring at the small seeds to see if anything spurts that I missed out earlier”

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In a way, this falls under my creative process too – “Random Internet Surfing”. I got the idea of doing my own indoor garden while surfing aimlessly in Pinterest and this is what I plan to do.

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Yupe. Big plan.

Check back on me after 10 days, ok? We’ll see if I ever manage to grow something by then.

Turning pages.

I have been catching up with my reading. A lot of it. So far, I’ve finish reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (I immediately watch the movie too right after reading the book and caught myself listening to the song Hero by The Wallflowers a lot), Life of Pi, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and currently reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s part of my thirty before 30 list and while I’m in the mood of reading, why stop now?

Hence the very little time spent with pencil and papers. That and I am constantly on the move right now. Been packing in and out of my trusty leather brown suitcase for the past 2 weeks both for work and personal. But I did try to squeeze in some sketches whenever I get some time at the office or at home. Here are the “some” sketches.

418493683414626045_5922842418115347874082681_59228421645ef74983c11e2b01422000aaa05b1_7f3958652983f11e2bd5222000a9f12e7_7 71a074689aa111e28d5422000aa8025b_7 1564dace9aa911e2a64d22000a9f1590_7
No colors. Been planning to though. For the first 2. Planning of doing a sketch up with watercolor on a series of pin up girls. I drew them in a A2 sized 360gsm grained watercolor papers. Oh well. Every great thing starts with a plan, right? The last 2 were quick sketch ups at the office on A4 sized glitter card stock papers. Other than that, here is a peek of what my new project looks like. I’m transferring my doodles on sets of crockery with gold ink.

418682014475775784_5922842 418646119496314122_5922842418652790956256613_5922842

1 Set contains 6 of flat plates, smaller flat plates, half bowls and smaller bowls. All will be hand drawn with individual patterns.So no plates is the same. Now all I need to do is to bake these porcelains so the color stays.

I’ll be putting these babies out for auction later.

So till my next entry, I’m sending out millions of X’es and O’es your way. May you have a great day.

A Sketch A Day : Day 54

Been busting my ass to be good at this. I can now draw faces. Yupe quite confident with that area but not so much with  body proportions and movements. I know. I need to work on the patience and focus. Only then I’ll get it right.

416944712904896170_5922842417031260958650026_5922842 417060881410322353_5922842

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