Two Oh (Sweet) Sixteen

Happy New Year!! 2016 huh?

Oh wow. It feels like there were only 3 blog postings from the day I talked about my plans for 2015 and now it’s already 2016. Look at how time flies.. oh wait… it WAS only 3 blog posts!! That was all I had in here for 2015. Three shameless postings. My life must be too awesome that I had no time and room for my blog, huh?

But my other social media platforms are well and lively and full with updates on baby girl. Especially in my Instagram and Facebook. Yeah, I’ve become one of those mothers who are obsessed with their babies. Although I faintly remember promising to myself I would never ever be that kind of mother… you know.. those who lose themselves once the baby’s out. What ever happened to that delusional girl? Hahahaha Anyway….. What’s the update on any paintings? Drawings? Anything? Well..let’s put it this way.. nowadays even my basic beauty regime sometimes took a step back, giving way and the spotlight to baby girl. New mom syndrome I called it and I don’t mind it at all. Lucky I haven’t compromise on my basic hygiene regime yet. If I ever get there, time for you to hang up that intervention banner, ok hubba?

So what’s up now that the new year is finally here (Don’t you dare point it out that it’s already day number 18th, young lady). For once, after years of trying to avoid thinking out loud about it, I’m planning to give my career another serious thought. So this year will be all about boosting my career (and of course to be better mom to baby girl, focus on family and all that jazz). I don’t know what to make of that yet. I’ve grew too complacent with my career for the past years that I think it has loses its cool. Make no mistake though, I worked hard, left my family for days at times due to work commitments and pushed boundaries when I had too but that was it. I don’t think about it serious enough to a point when someone asked me where am I going with my career and what am I working hard for, I don’t know what to answer. I always went for higher pay but paid little thought on the career growth/development. I know I need to up my game this time.  I don’t plan on quiting anytime soon and be a stay-at-home-mom despite all the temptations. So that’s one thing. Next is to figure out where I’m going with this “plan” of mine. Before baby girl, I signed up for an MBA course (even studied and sat for GMAT and IELTS) and got 2 offers from the universities in UK. Didn’t go through with it because I found out I was pregnant. So yeah….. that’s that.

Wish me luck. I hope I’ll be back posting better things in here too.

Here’s to having better skin, shaping a better body and becoming a better person. *raises glass*

Feliz año nuevo!


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