Introducing Baby M

Hi! Here’s a picture of her taken when she was just out from my beautiful round tummy. I think this was taken a day after her delivery.


She just turned 7 month last week and it has been an amazing 7 months of a roller coaster ride. They said time flies when you have a baby. Oh well.. for me, it freezes at times, and when it does move, it moves at a super slow pace but it also flies so fast, it almost matches the super light speed. One day it can get from this – “Ahhh baby.. why aren’t you walking yet? Mommy’s tired from carrying you too long. When will you be walking? 1 more year? This means I need to carry you for another one more year?” to “Wahh why are you so heavy now? It only feels like yesterday you were just so tiny and weight of a pea!”  catching yourself wondering where the time goes. And then it went to “Your baby can army crawl from the TV area to the sofa in no time, you better keep your eyes on her when she’s in bed with you” The Queen M told me when I got home from work. Woahhh baby, stop with the growing up when Mommy’s at work, please. Let’s do it when I’m at home, Kapish?

So you get what I’m sayin’? No? It’s cool if you don’t get it and I’m not even exaggerating here.

During the first few days when we brought her home, we were in for a very long night of trying to understand one another. It was different from those nights in the hospital. There, I have an army of nurses to help me out. At home, when the lights were off, it was just me and the new daddy against the tiny bundle. Elated but scared shitless we might screw this one up. We’re talking about a breathing, tiny human here. Gosh.. We were all over the place. We didn’t know what to do with a crying baby at 3 freaking AM. Obviously I can’t go knocking down my parents’ door anymore since we’re the parents ourselves (but I did once knocked at my mom’s door, crying when Baby girl had her first fever. Her temperature shoots up to 38.8degrees celsius at 2AM and I was in panic mode. Beep. Beeeeeep. New mom alert). Yupe, we’re in this alone.

Anyway, the baby and I were still in the get-to-know basis during the first week we’re home and we’ve yet to establish a proper and most comfortable way of the breast to mouth system. Worst because I had Caesarean. So it was kinda hard to come up with the supply base on her demand without triggering any pain since it was hard for me to shift from one position to another. She had no problem latching though. Sucked with a champion (still do). But I was very adamant to breastfeed her. So most nights, after I feed her (or trying to) I’ll pump for keeps. In the morning, as soon as my mom woke up, I’ll pass the baby and the expressed milk to her and go get my much needed sleep. Lucky, my mom was very understanding and more than willing to take her off my hands for a few hours. That arrangement saved my sanity and kept my sleep deprivation down to a minimum throughout my confinement period. Thank you, mama. Sorry for the many tantrums for the past 31 years. *puppy eyes*

7 months down that long winding road of diaper change, pukes, loud cries and giggles, baby girl still breastfeeds exclusively. Yay! I’ve passed my first breastfeeding milestone. This is us at 7 month old.


Yes, I’m a 7 month old too. 7 month old mother. Duh.

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