Voting for a cause

I need your votes. Last September, after we launched Arttee Apparels, I discovered the Lactacyd’s competition where the winner will get a business fund for their start-up. So I decided to try my luck and enter. Never that I thought after 2 months, I’ll get an email telling me that I was chosen as one of the top ten finalists and I get to stand a chance to win 30,000MYR (that’s 8,963.25USD according to today’s exchange rate) for my little start-up. But I did! Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.14.57 PM The catch is, there’s only 1 winner and the entry with the highest vote wins. There’s no other way around it and no matter how promising some business ideas are to the others, popularity trumps it. It’s a very tough competition. So much like politics. Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 12.48.28 PM So here we are. Please vote for me. I am shamelessly asking because I believe in my start-up. I believe in Arttee Apparels’ cause in promoting independent artists. And I believe by winning this competition, it’ll helps us boost our presence to the mass society. The rule is simple. Every voter will get 3 votes everyday to vote for the best business idea of their choice (Mine, please!). This will goes on till 3rd December and the winner with the highest vote will be announced on 5th December. So please spend all your votes on me and do it as often as you can, whenever you have some time to spare by clicking on this link –

VOTE FOR BAHIJAH WAHID (because she’s awesome and I believe in Arttee Apparels’ awesome idea)

Yupe! Vote for me and all the wonderful things will happen. Thank you in advance. *big hugs*

Owl for sales

Remember this owl?



I showed you the process of me drawing this like a week ago here? Remember?  Anyway, it’s already open for pre orders on Arttee Apparels’ website  and will be ready for shipment by end of this month.

You can read all about Arttee Apparels’ new collection on their blog and those going for Urbanscapes 2014 festival on this coming December will get to enjoy something from Arttee Apparels if you purchase one of their new designs now and present yourself wearing it at their booth during the festival. Go read all about it on their blog or check out their facebook page.




A self reminder – Until my work is as good as my ambition.

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