A Sketch A Day Project: over the long weekend

I picked the pencil and bought a new drawing pad. I think I’m all set to get back on track with my A Sketch A Day project. Nah.. I’m not going to even try to catch up with the number of days I’ve missed out. Too much pressure that will leads to Discouraged Napping. I need to stay positive. Unlucky for the husband, the way of me staying positive is by spending. But heyyyy.. whatever floats my boat. *winks*


On the greener side of the story, here are my successful little buds of herbs. 2 out of the 4 seed packs I bought finally came to life while the other two… well failed to make any appearance from day 1 . These are the Oregano and Thyme. Planted Thyme 7 days after Oregano hence the difference in the growing process. I got green fingers yaw’ll *shows fingers literally covered in green paints*


About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

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