A Sketch A Day : Day 54

Been busting my ass to be good at this. I can now draw faces. Yupe quite confident with that area but not so much with  body proportions and movements. I know. I need to work on the patience and focus. Only then I’ll get it right.

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A Sketch A Day : Day 53

Finally we’re back on track with the numbering. It has been day number 80 today (yeah I used the calculator) though and I only have 53 days worth of sketches (including this one). Which means I have a gap of another 27 sketches to do in order to keep up. Fuh!
Did something out of my comfort zone and I’m got impatient towards the end. So what’s next?

A Sketch A Day : Today

I know. I know. I’ll get the day numbered. Later. Anyway, it’s obvious I was not in the right mood yesterday and can be seen on my previous sketch. I even rant on how I dread to draw hair on my Instagram and a friend suggested that I draw a hijab clad lady instead. So I drew her.


This pretty lady is Wan Effina Wan Rahim. A darling friend of mine all the way back  from college. I hope I did justice to her pretty face.

A Pencil Sketch for Today

I have nothing interesting to share other day my sketches. So here is one for today. I had a “blergh” moment toward the final part so I ended up just scribbling anything came in my mind. Pretty (No, it’s not.)

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Anyway, here is another artwork that I’m working on at home. It’s a replication from my previous one here. This one over here is a 2.5×1.5ft in size and will be framed in a 4x2ft frame. It’s almost done. Hopefully by tonight while accompanying the husband playing with his video game.


This piece will be up for sale and so is the smaller one.


A Sketch A Day : Day uncounted.

I’ll get the day numbered back on track later. For now, here’s for today, my Indian princess.410383784306568810_5922842 410405865555521518_5922842 410415508377857178_5922842

Sketching Today

Today’s sketch. I have done it. I finally complete a drawing that involves hair. Yay!

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A Date With The City


It was a perfect birthday. Thanks to the husband.

The final year

The last year for the decade number three before hitting the big 3-Oh.

Source by LuisMonteiro.com

So far, it’s the best decade yet where many milestones reached and achieved. The decade where I’m old enough to be able to make my own decisions,to vote, to experience life as an individual, being free and accountable for every action. This is the decade where my opinions starting to actually matter to the mass market (people actually listen to me! and do as I told… sometimes) and many of firsts too (first car, first job, first own company, first big loss…). And as I grow in this decade, I found ways to exercise many of my rights and became more confident and sure of myself.

Today, I am more at peace with the world. I am more calm in dealing with head on problems and I learn to take things rationally. Yeah.. I’m now at the age of the “old enough to know things better and still young enough to be hopeful of the future” and I’m loving every moment of it.

I’m thankful for every bit of those tipsy turvy journeys I had for the past 29 years of being alive.  So lucky that throughout the entire time of being in my 20s, I have my man (that very same guy I woke up to this morning – I like to think us like Marshall and Lily from HIMYM.. hahaha perasan much?), the family and the girlfriends with me along the way.

Today, in the celebration of celebrating me (and so are the entire women race out there – it’s the International Women’s Day too), I’m putting in a list of thirty things to do before 30. Let see if we can strike out as much as possible by March next year. Yeah. I’m ever the hopeful. No doubt.


I intentionally did not factor my career in this list because it will not be my main focus this year. During the early stage of my working years, I often find myself playing catch up with work, doing those extra miles, burning the extra hours (sometimes even my own dimes) that leaves me burned out in the end for something I did not even care. Work will always be .. well work. No point fussing over it.

Happy birthday, me. Remember to always be happy and thankful. The Queen Bee deserves to be celebrated today too. So thank you, Ma. I love you.

A Sketchy update

A Sketch A Day project is still up and running. The only thing missing is the date number. I lost count. Cheers.

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