Love List #1


Inspired by this Singaporean blogger Fazabdulgaffa and her love lists.
Here is my love list numero uno.

The new environment – I haven’t been talking about it but those who are close to me knew I jumped ship about 4 months ago and couldn’t be more happier with this new arrangement than I was before. I love how the environment is far more relax and flexible. The people here are more open and trustful, which in return, makes me to want to excel more in what I’m doing. Job scopes are pretty much the same and best yet… no more punch card to deal with. That little machine has been driving me crazy for the past couple of years and thank God, I no longer need to deal with that piece of old technology. Amen.

– A Sketch A Day Project – Kicked off late last year in the new office. Job brief was low at that time since it was the holiday seasons, so I picked a pencil and paper to pass the time. Soon I started doing it regularly and loving every minute of it too. Good thing that I made a project out of it so I could feed this space with the record of my drawings.

– The Husband – It’s obvious, he is the reasons for almost everything and I’m thankful for him. I don’t know what I did to have him by my side, but must have been something right for once. So thank you, God. I’m blessed. Alhamdulillah.

– The Van Gogh’s  Pencil Kit – 

The elder brother bought it for my 28th birthday in Amsterdam from the Van Gogh Museum and it has been with me everyday. My must-have toolbox.  Here is a closer look of how the pencil kit looks like.

– Adobe Illustrator CS6 –  Ok, this is geeky but I dont know what else to put on my love list right now and I just want to start one. I really love playing around with Adobe Illustrator more than the Photoshop and all my digital artworks are Illustrator based (like this one). I find that the new features for CS6 is awesome (Check out the video), hence why it falls into this love list.

That is it… for now. I’ll find better love list next time. Pinky promise.

What’s in your notebook?

The ongoing obsession for pattern drawings and lines.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.13.00 PM IMG_1998 IMG_1995 IMG_1992 IMG_1991 IMG_1990 IMG_2316 IMG_1999 IMG_3323 Random3

A Sketch A Day Project Continues

Still working on it but I hardly manage to keep up with the promise of one sketch per day since it has been a crazy month with a lot of things going on at the office. This kind of arrangement will continue on to March with 2 events to look forward to (Ahem.. and my birthday of course).

Other than that, as you can see, I’m putting more effort in my little sketches by bringing in some colors to it and actually finishing it till the very end. Yupe! No more halfway projects and it wont be a sketch a day challenge any more since I made a pact to myself that I have to finish  the one that I’m working on before moving on to a new sketch. Oh well yeah..I guess it wont be sketches any more too. Instead it’ll be finished drawings. But..


So picking up from where we left off





Better? Well slowly but definitely.

Repurposed canvases

I decided to repurpose the old unfinished painting that I had for years to these two.IMG_3722 IMG_3734

Finally something finished, sealed and ready for framing.

It’s acrylic on 1ft x 1.5ft canvases.


Another Throwback

Found some of my old paintings while I was helping the Queen Bee purging out old stuff of ours (and by ours, I meant the brothers’ and mine) because the parental units are relocating again.

This one is acrylic on canvas that I made during my lull period after being recently graduated and not having any job (Awesome time). That was somewhere around 6 to 7 years ago. I made the composition in such way that no matter how you place the twins together, the image continues to the next frame – giving it 4 different compositions with just 2 artworks. Yeah but it was never finished. I have problem with that. No, not with the painting but with ‘the finishing what I’ve started’ thing.


So now, what should I do with these?

a) Finish it!
b) Cover it up and repaint on it.
c) Leave it be.

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