A Sketch A Day : Day 12, 13, 14 and 15

Day 12 – 3 different expressions of a bald girl.


 Day 13Cinta hati. I thought of giving it a try, drawing someone that I know personally instead of images of random people. The result turned out quite sucky because I kept over thinking every little detail that I thought I knew by heart. Like the positions of his eyes when he squinted, the rows of his teeth when he smiles and so on. So the line become too thick and it was just messy because I kept erasing and redrawing those lines over and over again. hmm.. Oh well.. better luck next time.


Day 14 – Focusing on hair because I’m bad at it. I dont have that much patience so I always end up halfway. But then again, I should explore other way of drawing hair instead of focusing on every strand. Well, obviously this kind of thing requires experience and I’m still lacking in that department.


Day 15 – More hair, more frustration and a work half done. Spot coffee stains on the paper from my breakfast that I had at the office infront of the PC. Deliberately did that. Thought it added more edge to the sketch. hehehe


This last picture was a request by a friend on Day 15th. Decided to add some watercolours in since I havent touch any in the last couple of months. Even the paper used was from a silver-ish glittery card stock (you can see the sparkles of the paper at the right corner of the image). Wanted to see the effect of pencil on a card stock which made the blending much smoother but the watercolours didn’t really mix well with the card stock. So after some times, the color will fade out and is easily scratched out. I guess due to the shiny and smooth texture of the card stock.

Point is, always coat it with a layer of varnish (or whatever sealer on the market) on all the works done. It is to lock the colors of the artworks in place. Yeah.. Yeah… Only with experience and constant search of knowledge that one would know. hey.. I’m working on it.


It is said that a cost effective color locking technique (or some people called it sealing) is by using a hair spray to coat your work. I dont know about it being cost effective though because my hair spray is expensive! But if you dont have anything else and you happen to have a hair spray laying around (I did!), worth to give it a try. I gave it a try on an artwork that I did using oil pastels on a cotton+ synthetic canvas and it worked just fine. It gives out a matte look as compared to a varnish (shiny) sealer. I dreaded using varnish because it spoils my brushes and I’ve yet to find the best way to clean the varnish out of those effected brushes. So every time I did it, I parted with one brush *sigh* (luckily they were inexpensive brushes). Oh a spray mount works well as a sealer too, but I havent try it so I cant vouch for that.

About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

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