A Sketch A Day

Source : Jackson Pollock

I know I should come up with better excuse and saying “I’ve been busy” just wont cut it anymore. It is just… well.. an extremely super lame excuse for me being lazy and bad at updating this space. But I’m sticking to it anyway.. so hey! I’ve been busy. I figured a lame excuse is much better than no excuse at all.

Contrary to the popular bloggers’ myth (after many months of not updating anything on their blogs), I for once, didn’t miss blogging. I lost interest the minute it feels like a chore and I dont like chores. I like hot shower, proper planning and sleep. I dont like chores as much as I dont like being told what to do and cockroaches. But I did most of my chores anyway because it is something that grown up do. Like laundry. Plus, I micro-blogged on the usual spots.

That is beside the point and this particular post took more than 2 months to materialized.

Anyway, hello.

So 2012 is ending in about 4 days, I’ve done paying my Zakat and most of my December bills which made me feel good about myself. It doesnt take much to lift up your spirit really. It’s these little things that did the trick. Like hot tea and a favorite book on a day you feel so alone. Little things.

And back to what I original plan to write, I made a pact to myself (or so-called resolution) and I plan to … no.. no.. not to become a better blogger, but to draw more. So I made it a little project that I called “A Sketch A Day” project (Oh How original!). I mainly sketch something, profile shot mainly(for now) at the office in between my free time. So far it has been 6 days. At least one sketch per day at the office and focusing on area that I’m lacking. Here I am, recording my progress from the very first try at art making to today.

IMG_2905IMG_2917 IMG_2928IMG_2977IMG_3063IMG_3068IMG_3072

Hopefully by the year 2014 approaches, I’m able to draw awesomely. Insyallah.

Till then,

Happy New Year.

About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

6 responses to “A Sketch A Day

  1. your drawings are already awesome !!!

    • hahaha thank you but I still feel there are more rooms for me to improve. 😀 Thank you so much for making me feel good 😀

    • one can always improve ofcourse but I think your work is pretty awesome, really !!! and real artists are never satisfied with their work they say, so…

    • hehehehe awww. I dont think I’m up to par with what the masses perceive as real artist though.. maybe not yet but yes, you’re right. There’s a saying “you are your very own worst critic” Something that I can relate closely to. 😀 hehehe

    • “what the masses perceive as real art” well they like art that looks like a camera picture, my art teacher always told us that there is no camera that can do what an artist does and there is no artist that can do what a camera can….so don’t let the masses stop your creativeness !
      Have a great new year with lots of inspiration !

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