Micro blogging


I’m a binge eater so it’s not a wonder why I keep gaining weight when I hardly take full meal. Same goes with blogging. I binge on blogging. I do micro blogging mostly on twitter and pictures posting through the instagram (They made it so easy). So by the time I want to talk about it on the actual blog (this like being the actual meal), the moment has pass and I’ll move on to the next best thing – blog hopping (like jumping straight to dessert or back to snacking).

So if you’re curious, follow me there (it’s @bahijah for both accounts. The twitter is on private and I do screen my readers there for personal reasons – oh how contradicting was that? First I asked to follow me on twitter and then, I mentioned it’s a private account. hahaha What I meant to say was for you to say “Hi” first, ok?) because it can get too quiet around here sometimes. Especially when work is taking the center stage right now (Well work always takes the center stage), sleeping is way too tempting to ignore and this thing called life happen. No, of course it didn’t mean that I stop blogging all together. I’m only just getting started…. with lack of updates. Teehee.

You’ll see me when you see me. No promises.

About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

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