This is the part where I’m no longer a Miss

As promised, I’m here to talk about the wedding once and for all. After all, this blog once gravitated around the wedding preparations (or the lack of it) and what a bad story would it be if it didnt come out with an end to all the build ups.

Here we go. Nikah

The solemnization was held at my parents’ on Saturday 16th of July 2011. Mr Husband refuses to wear a wedding ring so I got him a wedding watch instead. I, on the other hand, cant wait to wear the ring I chose. Yes, romance was not involved in that Big Ring Hunt 2011. I knew what I want at that time and so was he. His side of family came in yellow while mine welcomed them in pink/grey. Things were all good and dandy and by the end of it, I cant barely open my eyes because I was overwhelmed and super tired. It was perfect.

Wedding 1My reception was held the day after (Sunday 17th July 2011) and it was in a garden close to where I used to grow up during my childhood surrounded by big lake and big trees. Due to budget constrain, it was a very small reception of just closest family and friends. Foot cramps came after everyone left. I was told that the food was awesome. Too bad I didnt get the chance to enjoy it though.

wedding2His reception was a week after, on 23rd at his family’s home (Where I am currently living in) This time around, the concept was more traditional and crowds were bigger. No foot cramps and I get to enjoy the food. Lucky.

So that was it. My wedding. Summed up in 216 words. It was awesome and it turned out just as I imagined it to be. Best of all, the three beautiful occasions were singlehandedly planned by both mothers, mine and his. Which made it even more special. Thank you, moms.

As a cherry on top, Alhamdullillah, I am married to my bestfriend of 8 years and counting.

The end.

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