Rebooting part dos

I’m changing direction for this blog of mine. Since from the begining I’ve talked about changes and to my husband (Husband. Can you imagine that? I’m married. OK I shall talk about it later…maybe in the next post), I am known for my fickleness with my ever changing mood and decision and plus life is all about moving and well.. changing. It is only right that I talk about it here. So here I am, wanting to talk about what I have been doing and planning to do.. which is… painting! Yupe.

I’ve always love painting and drawing and I love colours. But I know I am not a good painter and nowhere near in producing a great work of art anytime soon. So this space shall be where I will talk about my quest in perfecting what I love doing and sharing anything that gravitate around it.

I started small right after I got married in July 2011 (Yes.. I am finally married – 10 months ago). I started off with doodling in markers and pen on scrap papers between working hours and idle time at home. I went crazy at the stationary shops and bought bunch of colored pens and markers. I even went crazy again when I found out that Sharpies are now available in pastel colors and stocked up every single color I can find, even in silver and the twin tipped ones. Somehow, these little things are the one that makes me happy and occupied. This love for colors that somehow makes my boring working life bearable. An activity I look forward to almost every day now.

Here are some of my early trial-runs with colors. Please dont judge too harshly (eepp!) but I do take and encourage feedbacks in any form as long as it is for the sake of making things better.

City of OwlsPeacock3Peacock4Peacock2Peacock5Dress3Random2Random3Girl2Girl1Girl3Girl4

The pictures here might look alot better than the originals since I took these images using Instagram (follow me! @bahijah). I usually update my recent work there. But a blog is always a good idea for a bigger space to talk about it and possibly with better, clearer image. Wish me luck.

This is just another plan though. It might change.. again.

-Millions of X’s and O’s

About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

5 responses to “Rebooting part dos

  1. Nice work, especially enjoyed the portrait sketches 🙂

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