The very first

-7 years ago he messaged me on the messenger asking if I’m free to “chill” with him. Chill. That was his exact word. He’s cool that way.

– I told him I feel like watching a movie. Hahahaha because I can tell that he’s trying to woo me (I’m so old, I used the word “woo”) and he mentioned about it being his treats. It was definitely an apportunity not to be missed. I thought “Wow free movie and a possible free meal!” So I said YES! with a big grin.

-The movie was The 50 First Date by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I loved it and he told me that he likes it too. Yes, he is so cool.

– It turns out that from that day, it was the start of our very own version of firsts too.

– Today, will be the last anniversary for both of us as separate entities and come July, everything will be back to square one. Well, Hello square one!

Happy 7th anniversary to us. May there be many more  firsts, millions of love, hugs and kisses. *raises glass*

About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

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