Of a pact and three engagements

According to them, I was the drip that creates the ripple effect. Well, this is not really the case of a wonder. Because I know that first, we are already in the right age and mind for marriage. Plus, 10 years ago, I made them promised not to get married before I did and they happily agreed to the arrangement. In a way, it has become a self-fullfilling prophecy.. like or not hehehehe.

And so, to date, three very loud girls (including me) has now officially donning the ring around their ringers, marking the symbol of commitment. My congrats are to the lucky lads who managed to score these superwomen. (Yes, I’m super too. Super happy)

Now ladies, on to the next step – planning for the big day. Good luck, girls

About Bahijah Wahid

An aspiring art maker.

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