Of being MIA

I just installed wordpress for iPad. I guess there are no reasons or excuses for me not to update anything. But my life is pretty much a boring one. Spent the weekdays at work and I have been very much occupied with my job that by the time my bum reaches home, I would usually take an early dinner and go off to sleep before the time clocks in at 11pm. Weekends were pretty much spent hanging around town with Mr Fiance or at home sleeping. I guess that’s life for a 26 years old Malay girl to you. Trust me, I would love to have something clever to post in here or something extraordinary to share, but truth is, I have nothing.

How’s the wedding preparation, you asked? Well I get that alot from people who knew that I’m now engaged to be married in well… less than 7 months. I think I just going to let this one out of my chest.

I am dreading the thought of getting married. Not the part getting married to Mr Fiance because that is the only thing I am totally certain about, but it is the part about planning for the ceremony itself. Girlfriends told me that I overthinking it and I do believe that I am. Especially the fact that I am nowhere near ready financially. Hence to this is the reason my wedding planning havent really been set in motion. Or maybe I use it as just another excuse for being lazy. You see, I have been having this monologue over in my head for the hundredth time and being in limbo about how I feel regarding this matter wasnt fun either. On somedays, I cant wait to start planning, looking for locations, reading wedding blogs and so on… but on other days, I just cant give a hoot about it. So yes, I do get really annoyed when people asked me “So, how is your wedding preparation going so far?”

Does this happens to all the brides to be?


Oh, I’m typing using my iPad and it is awesome. 😀

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