Of an update of a worry

Visited a doctor and she did the usual check-up. *breathes in and releases a huge sigh* Well.. nothing alarming but I am needed for a follow up next month. Just to be sure. Relief? Well of course. No one can be too sure about this kind of things and me, being the ultimate worry wart will definitely think of the worst. Go figure.


Of good news and worries

I got engaged two weeks ago and last  night, I found a lump on my left breast while I was doing a self-check. I’m wishing hard for it to be nothing to worry about. Or if it is actually something to worry about…I hope it is something like a “Benign” (look it up). But more than that, I’m hoping it is only because of my hormone although my menses is not going to make its appearance for the next 2 weeks… who knows, right? Oh well.. here is for hoping that my worry is all for nothing. That’s why we have a religion in the first place.. to have faith. I’m going to think positive and book an appointment at the nearest clinic soon. Wish me luck and congrats, OK? Both or either… I need it. Two turn of events in a blink of an eye.

Oh wait.. I take that back. There is only one happy event and it was my engagement. Yes, this is the big news I was raving about. The big change. đŸ˜›

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