I know you’re snooping around because you finally blurted it out because you couldn’t stand not knowing what is up with me since I decided to put my previous blog on private. You thought I personally blocked you out. No, I blocked everyone out (that was me, trying to be a new person by closing chapters of my past). And since I love you too much, I gave you this address. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my random writings and in return, I will try my hardest not to trash you out. Hope this will somehow satiate your curiosity about your thick-headed-tantrums-driven daughter.

Hey all,
this is me, (hello!) trying out wordpress because I just feel the need to change. The principle is still the same, smaller changes lead to the bigger ones.  This is yet my another baby steps of changes. I will let you on to a bigger one soon.

So, be nice.

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